Socks on Her Toes

To say I love shoes would be an understatement. I have created quite the collection of my own, and and have them neatly displayed in the walk-in closet I have taken over in our master bedroom. Additionally, I must admit that I am a DSW PREMIER rewards member (the highest status that can be achieved at DSW), as a result of my slight shoe obsession.
Therefore, it is not surprising that my daughter has a few pairs of shoes of her own. In fact, as I suspect other fashion-loving moms have done, I purchased more than several prior to her July birthdate. However, just like many other lessons I learned through experience since that July date … I quickly found out that newborns & shoes don’t really mix.
My baby fashion tip of the day? Save your dollars for shoes to fit your darling a little later on. In the meantime, socks are your best friend. Carters, Target, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy have some great finds, in all different colors, styles, and even ones that look like actual shoes. That is the way to go those first couple of months. Those little toes will appreciate it.

These were purchased at a childens consignment store, but are Mudpie and can be found online.



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