Six Years of Avalon Elle

And just like that, another birthday season kicks off our way — always first is sweet Avalon Elle who will be SIX this Sunday!  She is one of the younger ones in her class so I feel like she has been waiting all school year for this, she will have a few little girlfriends over tomorrow for a playdate + then our family over Sunday morning for brunch, golden themed because it’s her golden birthday (6 on the 6th!).

A few things about an almost six-year old Avi girl I never want to forget.

1 — Her two current favorite things are unicorns + rainbows.  This is still so funny to me because when she was younger she was our tomboy, she now is pretty much the girliest girl in all the land, and 110% when you ask her what her favorite color is, it’s “rainbow”.

2 — She is our sweet eater, forever + ever.  Loves cupcakes, donuts, popsicles, nutella — pretty much anything that’s sweet.  She will also happily snack all day but could care less about a regular meal, one day we will get there. 😉

3 — Being cozy is her favorite.  We got her a fuzzy blanket for Christmas that she sleeps with every night and she still sleeps with the same little mouse that she has had since she was one.  She was never a napper but will sleep in the latest of all three of my girls, I love this about her.

4 — She loves to read!  And is such a good reader.  Kindergarten has done wonders for her (once we got past that virtual part) and she has learned SO much this year!  She also used to be our shy sister but being full-time at school has completely changed that.

5 — She LOVES having sisters, she looks up to Waverly so much + is the sweetest big sister to Remie.  I know people say that the middle kid will often get left out but it’s just the opposite with her, she always has a playmate and always makes sure everyone feels included.

Some favorite photos from the past year, she still has the curliest blonde hair (like her daddy did) and the most contagious smile.

Happy almost six sweet Avalon, we can’t wait to celebrate you all weekend long!

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