She’s a Star!

It can safely be said that I don’t like to do many things the traditional way.  My wedding could hardly be described as conventional, my fashion mantra is to always stay innovative, and I strive in my daily lesson plans to keep the students excited with creative ways to teach the industry of fashion.  So it’s no surprise that I wanted to find out the gender of our future baby in a unique and special way.  In other words, finding out at the doctor’s office via an ultrasound technician I had just met simply wouldn’t do. 
Initially, I had said that I wanted to wait until the birth of my baby for the life-changing news.  Even though my husband definitely did not agree my idea for a birth plan, I was convinced that this was one of few surprises in life and that the best plan of action was to wait it out.
Well, my Type-A/”need for a constant plan” nature quickly changed any previous belief I had.  Within a week, I was already struggling with the fact that I had no idea whether I had a future of blue or pink.  So as previously posted, we decided on a “gender reveal” party … which seemed to be the perfect compromise between a creative, memorable way to find out the big news, while still eliminating the need to struggle without a clue for the entire nine months.

Our gender reveal party was held at my parent’s home, and thanks to my mom’s resourceful, imaginative, and artistic mindset … the party was a huge success, and a rather memorable event.  SO memorable, in fact,  that our story was picked up by the New York Times when a reporter called and asked for details on this rather new way to celebrate such an occasion.

Therefore, last Sunday, April 8th (Easter, 2012) … Little Miss Brickner had her debut – TO THE WORLD.  She now is officially a little lady, as an image of her parents reaction to the pink-hued cake was clearly posted in the famous newspaper.  (See below).

YES – Mom is elated and Dad a tad scared, but thrilled nontheless.

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