She Smiles … Often. :)

It seems that days with our Waverly Maye keep getting better and better.  Now that all three of us are starting to figure this whole new way of life out, there seems to be less crying around the Brickner house (mom included … even though it was only a couple of times when our sweet baby girl seemed to be inconsolable).  Waverly is starting to get to know us better, adapt to some sort of a routine, and in general, is more alert and is starting to get a little personality.  And perhaps even more importantly, my husband and I are becoming more confident as parents and in our ability to comfort and soothe our baby girl.
And even though my pediatrician informed me that the first smiles from our newborn are most likely gas, I can’t help but melt everytime Miss Waverly smiles and bats those big blue eyes.  She has been smiling in her sleep practically since she came out of my belly, but for the past week or so, has been giving us those looks wide awake.  My mother-in-law informed me that my husband did the same, so perhaps it is genetic?  Whatever the case, I can’t get enough of it and it brings a smile to my own face each & every time.  Love that Waverly Maye.
Waverly Smiling @ One Month.

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