She Found that Thumb …

In her first 10 weeks of life, Waverly Maye and her pacifier have had a love/hate relationship.  At some points of the day, it is a lifesaver.  She grasps onto it for dear life and it seems to be the singr,e best baby purchase that we made.  (Specifically, when she is sitting in her car seat, more than a little angry to be restrained by its two tight straps).  At other moments, she abruptly spits it out, seemingly angry that we would even consider giving her such a silly thing.
Well, it seems we have moved on … to something we didn’t have to purchase and that is pretty adorable, if you ask me.  I woke up the other night to Waverly fiercely sucking her thumb.  She found it.  And liked it.  She has been back at least daily since, and even though she hasn’t quite figured out the typical maneveuer yet … it seems to be the perfect self-soother for her.  And as a result, we have benefited from a little more sleep in the Brickner household, as she has only has needed to wake up once a night since.

Day Two After Finding Her Thumb. 🙂


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