A Rundown of our Registry …

Just as I did last year for my wedding registry … yesterday, I completed yet another registry.  However, this time, it was a Babies’R’Us.  And rather than a focus on dishes, sheets, and tupperware – this time, all items were all about baby.
Registering for baby is certainly a little more overwhelming than scanning for products that we will place around the house.  In this case, the diaper genies, breast pads, and bouncing chairs are pretty much foreign to me.  I had no idea most of what I added to my list even existed before yesterday, although now I am informed that each product is so essential that I simply won’t be able to function without it.  So although the day was long and tiresome (as most tasks are becoming these days … ) – it feels good to have another to-do checked off the list and therefore to be that much closer to the arrival of our baby.

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