Roll Tide & Rit Dye

Even though I do not live in Alabama, did not attend the University of Alabama, and quite honestly, do not know anyone personally who has … I am a fan of the Crimson tide.  The reason?  My brother & dad are both are mildly obsessed, to the point that I am pretty sure that both of them would jump into bed with Nick Saban to discuss last night’s victory (if given the opportunity.)  Nonetheless, their adoration of the team has been passed down to me, and I have now passed that down to Waverly Maye.  For now, anyways.
I am proud to report that I got quite crafty for Waverly’s Alabama attire.  Although oxblood is the color of the season (Check, and my baby girl currently has more clothes hanging in her closet than I do, I couldn’t seem to find a garment festive enough for Alabama’s big day.
I have since added a burgundy/oxblood/wine hued ensemble to my list of items to get for Waverly.

I had read about Rit Dye on Pinterest, and had specifically “pinned” a link from someone who used the dye to color onesies.  So I purchased the closest color to Alabama’s that I could find at Micheals, and planned to dye a White Carters onesie that Waverly had already worn.  It was super easy (And coming from me, that totally means it is.  I claim to be crafty, but truthfully lack the patience to be that successful at it.)
Here is all I did:
1.  Started a cycle on my washing machine using the warmest water setting and let the water fill up.
2.  Put half of the Rit Dye bottle in the water.
3.  Put the onsie in and let the cycle go.
4.  I repeated this twice to make the color darker, but could have stopped there.
5.  Put in the dryer.
6.  Use detergent and run the washing machine through one cycle without anything in it (To not dye my other clothes!)
So there you have it!  I plan to do it with some other colors, too!  

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