Remie Rue’s Third Tea Party

We celebrated our Remie Rue a couple weekends back with the sweetest tea party, excited to share photos of her special morning with our family! Full disclosure, I decided on a tea party after seeing the cutest tea set at Home Goods a few months ago.  It was before all three of the girls birthdays & I knew that Remie was my best chance since she doesn’t care about a theme yet and would just be so excited to have everyone there for her.  She ended up loving it so much, she was the sweetest pouring her “tea” (apple juice) and having all the big girls help her with it.  If only I could keep her this age forever, a three year old Remie Rue is something special.

After getting the tea sets, I added some pretty butterfly plates & then these butterflies made ALL the difference.  They were super afforadable & simple to use, perfect to create detail on the balloon garland and the table.  My sister-in-law came through on the most beautiful cake everrrrrr (almost too pretty to eat), and we added some butterflies to that as well!  The sweetest set-up for our littlest sister.

To celebrate on Remie’s actual birthday, we watched the sunset on the beach & ordered pizza with friends — it was so much fun and the perfect way to kick off her THIRD year!  She is so easy to celebrate.  HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY REMIE RUE, we love, love, love you!!!!!!!!

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