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Like many other families with school age babes, we are rounding the corner in just a couple months on one year of on + off virtual learning and it has been a JOURNEY.  Each day we try to get up and just do the best we can, and also are the first to admit that the day we all get to go back to school will be a very good one! 🙂

My motto is to work smarter not harder, always, but especially in this situation with my two big girls on a computer all day, me working full-time, and of course a tiny toddler.  We were first introduced to Vooks a couple years ago (and loved it then!) but it has taken on new meaning during this time.  Vooks is a streaming library of animated read-aloud books, there is an entire library of options and so many that my girls get excited to read!  Both Waverly + Avalon can navigate it on their own, this gives us an option to get their reading time in even when I am working or with their little sister.  There are also resources to help supplement their reading, creative lesson plans and fun activities for holidays or other special occasions.  Such a gift for mamas!

Vooks is currently offering a free month subscription, no purchase necassary!!!  The perfect time to try it.  If you do, both my girls love the Grace for President book, we highly recomend!  Happy reading + happy Thursday friends, sending our love to you during this crazy time of learning! XO

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