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I’m talking way out of my comfort zone today, about cars.  Even though I have one and spend a whole lot of time in it, I will be the first to admit that it’s something I pretty much know nothing about.  Thank goodness for my husband, his oil-changing skills and the fact that he knew the right questions to ask when we went to buy our new car last year.  Because had I been alone, I would have been the car salesman’s dream with my only qualifications for my new car of — white, bluetooth, and enough room for these two little ladies.

We decided to upgrade our family car about a year ago, we previously had a Honda Pilot and liked it, but wanted something newer and that we could eventually grow in.  I originally was 100% on team mini van, for all the practical reasons, but after test-driving one I just couldn’t do it (though I am forever jealous of all you mamas with automatic sliding doors, I am sure they are LIFE-changing).  We ended up going with a brand new Mazda CX-9, my favorite car I ever had (pre-kids) was a Mazda and my sister also ended up getting one the same day so we got a good deal.  I love it, it’s roomy enough for what we need but also still feels like me.  It does have three rows, but for now, most of the time we keep the third down to have room for the double stroller and whatever else we need in the back.  We did end up going with white and a black interior, which has done pretty well with all the messes from the kids — of course the first few weeks I didn’t let them eat in there but now, there are goldfish and gummy snack piles for daaaaaays. 😉

After driving it for the past year I still love it as much as ever, but am pretty sure we will end up going with a bigger SUV in the future, one that has three rows and still enough room to store things in the back.  I recently teamed up with cars.com to look into their site and love the idea as using this as a resource the next time around.  It’s super informative, both for buyers and sellers, and one of my favorite parts is the reviews section since I love reading reviews for anything.  There’s also a place to compare cars, which I think would be super useful!  If you are the market, it’s definitely worth looking into — and if you are anything like me and love to find a reason to shop for just about anything, it’s fun to look into either way!!!  Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. September 28, 2017 / 4:26 pm

    Fun! Car shopping is always exciting. We have a Toyota Venza right now (kind of like a crossover) that I absolutely love, but if we decide to go for a third babe we'll definitely have to get something bigger. My friend just got a mini-van and, I have to admit, it IS kind of amazing!

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