Princess @ the Pumpkin Patch

I love fall.  I always have. I adore wearing boots & jeans, sipping on a hot coffee, the changing of the leaves, and, if you live in Virginia Beach, the time when the tourists head out and leave our hometown a lot less hectic. And even though dressing up on Halloween has never been my favorite (I would rather just wear a cute outfit … Lame, I know), the sight of pumpkins & hay have always easily put me n a good mood.
So without a doubt, ever since I found out that I had a Brickner-to-be in my belly … I have looked forward to sharing the joys of the fall season with my baby.  Obviously, Waverly didn’t quite understand our visit to the pumpkin patch over the weekend.  In fact, she wasn’t in quite the celebatory mood I was (due to the start of her cold that we didn’t yet know about). But nevertheless, we walked her through the patch, showed her the hay & variety of pumpkins, and of course, took the. Obligatory series of pictures along the way.


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