Precious PJs

As I have learned in my own “fashion development” over the29 years I have experienced thus far, a true fashionista keeps her style (or at least tries to) 24 hours a day.  I have Victoria’s Secret & Forever 21’s new fitness line to thank for assisting me in this endeavor, even though I rarely accompish it at all times.  
*Side Note:  Who am I kidding?  These days especially, I am lucky if I can get a clean shirt AND pants on to go workout. 🙂
 Waverly Maye, however, has managed to stay chic throughout her four & a half months so far. The wide variety and overwhelming collection of baby girl attire & accessories obviously helps our cause (while hurting my bank account).  
Waverly’s Chic Christmas outfit of the day is a pair of (rather adorable) PJs. I must admit that I am occasionally inclined to keep her in her PJs for an entire day since she just looks so darn cute in them.  And I know I’m extremely biased … But she does look pretty cute in everything.
Waverly in her Christmas PJs – Love that little butt. 🙂
PJs are from Walmart (Imagine that!!!) – thanks for the tip from Jessica @ Little Baby Garvin.   
It is hard to get a photo of Waverly’s face these days … as she is into EVERYTHING!
Got her this festive sippy cup from Target that she is loving, even though she definitely doesn’t know how to suck from the straw yet. 


  1. December 7, 2012 / 5:30 pm

    Okay! Way cute! I'm obsessed with baby pj's… I think B might have more jammies than he has cloths 🙂

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