Pickles & Ice Cream?

I must admit that one of the perks of pregnancy that I looked forward to most was taking a break from my stringent eating habits.  As my husband, friends, family, co-workers, or even students would agree …
PRE-BABY, I rarely let myself indulge in fried foods, full-fat desserts, or even a cheese that didn’t indicate  reduced or low-fat on the wrapper.  So the thought of eating for two and specifically, more “mainstream” for 9 months was certainly a good one.  
*In fact, I am fairly sure that I had dreams of eating Skinny Dip ice cream everyday for the duration of my pregnancy prior to thoughts of future babies had even entered into my head.
Well, my first trimester was a good indication that I may not be in the glory of good food that I once thought.  Some of my favorites, including Mexican and late-night ice cream with a side of cool whip … suddenly made me feel more nauseaus than anything.  And while I was pretty much starving everyday, all day … there were very few foods, healthy or not, that looked even the slightest bit appealing.  Plain, pretty much tasteless carbohydrates (perhaps a sign of my baby girl to be?) were the only thing I could get down.      
Now that I have entered my third trimester and am nearing the end of this new and foreign experience, (and beginning a another one!), a lot of my feelings of sickness have (thankfully) subsided.  I even can occasionally stomache some cool whip … which three months ago, would have been unheard of.  Yet still, many of the foods that I had been looking forward to are definitely not at all tempting, and furthermore, my love of Mexican has still not returned.  And those crazy, pregnancy cravings you always hear about?  I haven’t really been a victim, with the exception of a daily bowl of Cheerios since month 2.  
SO … no, my husband has not been awoken at 2 AM while I beg for pickles and ice cream.  Something tells me he is thankful. 

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