Remie Rue is eleven months old, the next time I update she will be ONE YEAR!!!!  She is as delicious as ever, look at these itty bitty pigtails, they are just too muuuuuuch + so is she!

A little about Remerie the past month, starting with what a mama’s girl she is!  She is the first of my babies to rarely agree to go to anyone else, so I end up holding her A LOT, even through eating and trying to get things done around the house.  Truthfully this can be tough, especially because I hate that I sometimes cannot give my attention to all three girls but we do what we can do + make it work!  I could not live without this sling (babywearing is forever one of my favorite things!) and am constantly reminding myself that it will not be this way forever and how much I will miss it one day.

Remie loves walks in the stroller, swinging, alllll the attention from her big sisters, and probably most of all, to eat!  When she finds something she really likes, she has this little laugh after she takes a couple bites and it is the cutest thing ever.  She gives open-mouth kisses lately, says “maaaama”, “da”, and we are convinced she can say Avalon but really just yells at their room when she gets up from her nap to see if her big sisters are in there.  She can stand and for now, has shown no interest in walking + I am holding on to that for as long as I can! 🙂

Her personality is showing more + more, she is determined, a little shy, and as sweet as can be.  She has started cuddling more lately, the moments she leans in to my shoulder or snuggles on my lap after she takes her bottle are some of my very favorite.

Happy eleven months Remerie Rue, we adore you!

A look at Waverly’s eleven month update here + Avalon’s here! XO

A few weeks back, I took the girls on our annual peach picking trip + wanted to share some pictures from our day!  Keeping it real, the trip was pretty stressful — the 45 minute car ride ended up a disaster, it was HOT, and it turns out that the only one of us who ended up eating the peaches was a ten-month old Remie Rue.  Somehow it’s always worth it though, the sweetest moments in between all the chaos (the ones I know I will remember!) and of course, when we got home both the big girls kept talking about how much fun they had. 😉

I could look at these sweet little photos forever + know that without a doubt, we will be back with bells on next year.

After picking we always go in the little farm stand and they each get to pick out a treat before letting them play and feed the animals, always their favorite part!   If you are local the place we go to can be found here, they had so many peaches + it’s just the cutest spot.  And if you are sentimental like me, look how tiny Waverly and Avalon are picking a couple of years back.

Time slow down!!!  XO

We celebrated our new seven-year old over the weekend with a Pool & Popsicle party, such a perfect theme for our summer girl!!!  After three consecutive years of joint birthday parties for Waverly + Avalon, the girls crushed my dreams this year by asking for individual parties.  I really LOVED them sharing, for selfish reasons because so much easier and it was also super cute to see them together, but I ended up having so much fun creating something personalized for each of them.  Waverly loooooves the pool and it also is so representative of her right now since this is her first year on swim team, and the pretty pastel colors we used are so true to her girly personality.

We teamed up with the cutest shop, Coterie Party, on the paper products (including the fans + balloons) — you can find the set here.  This was SUPER EASY, I highly recommend them since I really didn’t have to think about much else as far as decor.  I also used some beach balls I found on Amazon and these ended up being really fun for the kids during the party.  We did favors — bubbles, popsicle cookies (made by my talented sister-in-law!), and popsicle molds filled with candy.  Entertainment is always so easy with a pool party, the kids got out to eat pizza, popsicles + do cake, but otherwise swam their little hearts out and had the best time!

And the best reminder that our babies are always our babies, Waverly is always so nervous about the birthday song — this year was no different and she would only agree to it if I held her hand and stayed close the entire time. 🙂  Happiest SEVEN to my forever baby girl, we loved celebrating YOU! XO

Our Waverly Maye is SEVEN!  Seven whole years of the girl who made me a mama, what a wild, beautiful ride it has been!  Of course I have alllll the feelings about her being so big, it really does go by way too fast + there are so many parts of me that would love to go back and relive it all again — but what a joy it is to see the little lady she has become.  To this day she is the one who can drive me to the brink of crazy and melt my heart into a puddle, all within seconds.

A little bit about seven year old Waverly Maye, our girliest girl who reminds me more of myself all of the time.  She loves a good routine, is a perfectionist, can forever be found writing notes + drawing pictures for us all around the house, and lays out her outfits for the next day almost every single night.  One of my favorite things about her is how she truly puts 110% into whatever she is doing, it can be the most random little thing, but she gets SO EXCITED for it and lives for it.  She is always looking forward to the next holiday or someone’s birthday, and will spend hours putting together a special gift for someone (usually by placing one of my random household objects, like a stapler, in bag covered with tissue and drawings and ribbon!).

She loooooves to dance, to watch the news with me in the morning, and was absolutely born to be a big sister.  Really there are few things I am prouder of her about than how good she is to Avalon + Remerie, of course there are moments that her and Avalon fight (lots of them!), but she really is so good to her little sisters.  The other day she told me that “she loves Remie so much she cannot stand it” and then last week Avalon was getting upset in their room before bedtime and I found Waverly bent down wiping her eyes and holding her hand.

This year she learned Spanish from her immersion program in the first grade, started swim team + loved it, and made a ton of new friends in our new neighborhood and school.  She also found at least 58203 items that she wanted to buy (can find something she loves anywhere), had sass for DAYS, and tested her limits at least 2.56 million times, buuuuut is definitely finally coming around to taming that big personality. 😉 Truly to know her is to love her + goodness WE DO.

Some of my favorite photos of her from the past year.

The night before last, after I tucked her in for her last night as a six-year old, I came back a little bit later and found a note she had written to herself, sitting next to her bed, “HAPPY 7th BIRDAY WAVERLY MAYE BRICKNER”. 🙂

Happiest birthday to my baby girl from mama, I love you foreeeeever! XO

Our sweet baby girl is in the DOUBLE DIGITS!  Happiest ten months, Remie Rue!

Ohhh ten month Remerie.  Sweet + wild + ridiculously cute, we are sooooo in love with this tiny babe!  Also tired, but so in love! 🙂  Avalon calls her a “little rascal”, which is so fitting, Remie knows what she wants and will do whatever she can to get it — also exactly when she is getting into something she shouldn’t, but smiles so big to make up for it that you can’t help but just want to eat her up.

This month she learned to clap her hands, to babble more than ever, and stands on her own for a few seconds (until she realizes what she is doing, then she sits back down).  She still sucks on her two fingers and lately has started giving out hugs + kisses, she will snuggle her little head into your shoulders and it is the beeeeest thing in the entire world.  She also has started the cutest little laugh when she sees something she is really excited about, usually food.  Her current favorites are watermelon, cheese, and peas, she is seriously the happiest eating!  She also has become our very first mamas girl through + through, I think this may be at an all-time high because I am home with her right now for summer break.  It can be exhausting because there are moments she will literally not go to anyone else but also — I love it.  I know it won’t last forever, babies don’t keep, taking one look at Waverly + Avalon running around hardly needing me quickly reminds me of that.

She is still pretty petite, wearing 3-6 month clothes, and her hair has grown sooooo much over the last few weeks – I still cannot believe that we have a baby with so much hair!  It’s a really pretty blonde shade, her skin has gotten so tan, and she still has the most beautiful blue eyes that are one of my very favorite things about her.  She is just such a dream and I could stare at her forever + ever, feeling so thankful I have had so much extra time to do that this summer break.  HAPPY TEN MONTHS Remie Rue!

We looooooove you so much, sweet baby girl!  XO