Merry Christmas Week!!!  The big girls + I have just one day left of school and then it’s farewell to screens and virtual learning until the new year!  Stopping in today to share some photos from our Christmas cards we did a few weeks back, this is one of my favorite photo shoots we have ever done and I might just make it a yearly tradition.  Obviously we take a lot of photos over here 😉 photography is one of my creative outlets and I will treasure all the images I have taken of my girls foreverrrrrr!  Luckily they are pretty into it most of the time, the trick is to make it fun, I hardly ever ask them to just stand for a photo + if I did I probably wouldn’t even like that one!  Candid photos are my favorite and I love just letting them be them, be little, and have fun.  Taking a Christmas tree on the beach with no one else around was the perfect opportunity for that!

Bonus points for my gem of a husband for helping carry a Christmas tree to the oceanfront in November  + Glamma for joining in on all of my crazy ideas.

Think they will still be into this when they are in high school?! 😉 I just love them SO BIG + look at these photos so, so thankful to be their mama.  Sending you all merry holiday greetings from our family to yours! XO

Sooooo, do you still have some last-minute gifts left to buy?!  No judgement here, this year I have probably felt the least together than ever between all the craziness + I totally wish I could have sent some magical little elves out to get some of my shopping done for me.  Today I have partnered with Vanilla Gift Cards, such a fun + simple way to gift the special people in your life with something they will definitely use in the new year!!!

I personally LOVE getting a gift card, it’s the gift that gives + as a busy mama who is always buying for others, it’s always so much fun to have a reason to have to buy for me. 🙂 Vanilla gift cards has beautiful designs, and are still available to purchase through Christmas Day.  For more information, you can find their Instagram here + Facebook here!  Merriest shopping, friends! XO

This post was sponsored by Vanilla gift cards but all thoughts + opinions were my own.

Goodness, December is FLYING by, I guess that is what a combination of virtual learning while teaching full-time will do to you! 😉 We are currently back doing school from home, I am the first to admit it is a challenge + I cannot wait to get my girls back in school, but we are taking it day by day and making it work.  I am thankful for all the magical distractions December brings and at the tippity top of that list is picking at our tree each year, always one of the very favorite days.

We came home with such a pretty tree + three very happy little girls, who were mainly in it for the endless space to run and the candy canes we always get at the end!

This year for Christmas Waverly asked for all the girly things per usual, lols and sparkly notebooks and dance leotards.  Avalon wants a reindeer statue + unicorn socks 🙂 and Remie Rue would be happiest with a pile of mail and whatever her sisters have.  I am finally getting my shopping done (pretty much all online this year) and CANNOT WAIT to see their sweetest little faces Christmas morning.

Sending you lots of love this holiday season!! XO

PS — Past years at the tree farm can be found here, here, and here!  My heart, they just keep growing!

Sharing some photos from our Thanksgiving today, it is one of my favorite days of the year + even though this year was different (like most things in 2020), it was still such a special day.  We did our usual traditions like turkey cinnamon rolls and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and let the big girls draw placemats and hats — always too cute!!  By far the tradition we missed the most of all was dinner at my grandparents, but are still doing our best to hold on to silver linings + focus on all that we have to be thankful for.

Other highlights of the weekend, getting our tree (!!!), the Iron Bowl, and some Black Friday shopping online from home in our PJs.  Hoping your holiday was special and relaxing — happy DECEMBER, it’s truly the most wonderful time of the year and we are here for it. XO

Stopping in to share some favorite photos from our Halloween before we officially embrace ALL THINGS CHRISTMAS over here!!!  Our girls had a really fun holiday, they were so excited to trick or treat and to do all the Halloween things like decorating pumpkins, making cookies + watching Hocus Pocus a million times.  There were definitely less people out in the neighborhood because of Covid (which was sad), but the positive was having Halloween on a Saturday — we were able to make a weekend out of it + I wish it could always be that way!

A little about their costumes for Halloween night.  Waverly was insistent on being a witch all month long, I really wanted her to coordinate with her sisters + tried ordering matching witch outfits for them but she was not about that and really wanted to be something all of her own.  So kind of last minute, I got the supplies for Avalon + Remerie to be cotton candy.  I had seen the costume idea and always wanted to try it, especially because Avalon is obsessed with all sweets and because her personality is just so super sweet, it was the perfect costume for her (and Remie wants to be just like her!!).  We spent a good part of the week making it, and then Halloween night right before trick or treating put it on Remie + she refused.  Refused.  Like not just refused, but was tearing it off of her.  Avalon was all about it until it started falling apart.  So I remembered I had a pig costume of Avalon’s from a few years back upstairs, grabbed that for Remie, took a few photos of Avalon and let her pick a costume from the dress-up bin.  It was completely our costume fail (and for the record I will never make a costume again!) but I already know how much we will laugh about it forever and somehow it’s always worth it.

Here is the tutorial if you would like to experience it for yourself. 😉

Trick or treating is always the highlight of October for me, there is just nothing like the magic of watching little ones going door to door with buckets.  All three girls were at really fun ages for this, Waverly was so excited to see her friends from school, Avalon will forever love this tradition for all the candy, and Remie was the CUTEST running up to the houses. 🙂

And just a couple more photos of the girls from the week before, my mother-in-law made the most beautiful headbands for them — Avalon & Remie were deers and Waverly Maye was a fox!!!  Keeping these in the memory box forever.

Hope your Halloween was special + wonderful!!  Happiest weekend! XO