Our Easter Sunday was simple + sweet, one we will remember forever for sure. A perk of having to let so many of our favorite spring traditions go this year was how much more exciting everything was on Easter, the girls were SO EXCITED to come down + see what the bunny had brought them and even more excited to hunt for eggs, since for the first time ever, we hadn’t done that before the actual holiday.  We took our time playing with what they got + making Easter breakfast for just the five of us, then afterwards got to have a facetime talent show with my husband’s side of the family + to hunt for eggs my parents had hidden in their yard for the girls.  Later we got to have a zoom call with my brother and sister (in Hawaii and Colorado!) after Easter dinner around our own dining room table.

Overall a really special day, I never want to forget how Waverly Maye organized and put away her entire Easter basket within five minutes of opening it (so my child!), or how Avalon was living her very best life eating all the candy in sight wearing the blue crown my mother-in-law got her.  And little Remie Rue, it was her first time really hunting for eggs + she was in it to win it, she loved every little second of the day so much.

We hope your Easter was the sweetest! Stay well, friends.  XO

Happy Good Friday, friends!  I cannot believe Easter is already here, it has obviously been one crazy set of circumstances this year but we are hoping to make the most of it + to make some magic for our girls.

I wanted to share a few photos from our Easter activities this year.  We had to let some things go, no Easter egg hunts with friends + no visit to see the Easter bunny, but we did get to decorate sugar cookies + dye Easter eggs (two of our favorite things!!).  We have played with approximately 4907 plastic Easter eggs and painted endless spring crafts, read ALL the Easter books and made it outside for fresh air every time we could.  We are missing our people so much and there have been definite hard moments, but honestly we never get this much downtime our time with our little family and somehow I already know how we will look back on this Easter as one of our absolute sweetest one day.

Happiest Easter to you + yours, we hope you find joy at home this weekend! XO

What a couple of weeks it has been!  We are sending all of the love to those who are directly impacted by Covid-19, and to those of you are just like us — at home, trying to stay well + to make the most out of this situation.  We are currently all out of school, for the rest of this school year, we found out last week and honestly are still wrapping our head around it.  I am so thankful for all of this extra time with the girls, but feel sad for them not being able to finish out their school years with their little friends + teachers.  We all miss being able to see all our loved ones and cannot wait to wrap our arms around them when this is all over!

Two weeks in and we are surviving, definitely not thriving, but making it work, one day at a time!  I thought I would share some tips that are currently helping us through.

A schedule.  One of my good friends sent me a schedule she was using + it has SAVED US!!!!  It helps break up the day, helps the girls know what to expect, and it helps me to not let the day get away from us without being productive at all.  We have it posted on our fridge and are living by it, and plan to for the weeks ahead.

Getting ready everyday. This is really just for me, but I have found this makes suuuuuch a difference in my overall mood + productivity in the day.  I am making it a point to get up + do my hair/make-up each morning, even though we have no where to go.  The couple of days I have let this go I really noticed a difference, when you feel better, you do better!  Even in quarantine. 😉

Essential Oils.  I shared about how much we love oils here, we started using them consistently each day at the beginning of 2020 + I have never been more thankful for them than the past couple of weeks.  We are using them more than ever, to help with overall mood, sleep and to just make our home more cozy + a better place to be!  If you are at all interested in essential oils or just want to hear more, follow our wellness account at @bricknerfamilyessentials or send me an email!

Podcasts.  I have talked about my love of podcasts before, in our current status of social distancing I love them more than ever.  Being able to hear what other mamas are doing through this or just to listen to something other than the news, it gets me through each day!  I typically listen to one while Remerie is napping + the big girls are having quiet time, I so look forward to it.

Low Expectations. Probably what we are living by the most!  This is such an unprecedented time, emotions are high (from us and our kids), and there are going to be so many ups + downs throughout each day.  We are allowing more screen time than usual and aren’t feeling guilty about it, and I am working hard to give myself ALL THE GRACE!!!!!  You should be doing the same, we deserve it!

I really make an effort to find the good in everything, there has truly never been a better time that that, and I am also continuously reminding myself to soak in these moments with my girls — we will most likely never have a chance like this ever again.

Sending so much love to you + yours, we are in this together!!!

First + foremost, we are sending love to you + your families during this unexpected time.  I wrote this post last week and am still trying to wrap my head around how much have changed since then, it just a few short days.  I decided to still share about the ways we are making wellness (both physical + mental) are priority in our home, it seems that there has never been a more important time for that than now.

At the start of 2020, as part of our goal in living more intentionally + to bring a little more magic into our everyday, we decided to bring oils into our daily routine and to gradually make the switch to a cleaner lifestyle.  I purchased a starter kit through Young Living, thinking I would just bring some new products into our home, but it has ended up being so much more than that!  As a family, we have seen sooooo many positive benefits + that one kit has turned into a true lifestyle change for us.  Just three months in, and my biggest regret is that I didn’t do it sooner, we could not live without them now!

We are feeling so much gratitude for the steps we have made, and continue to make, towards a healthier + happier life for us and our kids by incorporating oils and other Young Living products into our everyday.  With that being said, I also DO NOT want to come across like we have it all figured out, or that we are living a chemical free, perfect life over here.  We still have so much to learn, we certainly use products that are not all natural, we still take medicine when we need it, and maybe most importantly, I am a full-time working mom of three — I am not spending hours of each day mixing up concoctions for anyone.  The greatest part of this has been the ability to make little changes where we felt like we could, but also putting aside things I felt like were too much to do know, but that I could do later.  By signing up for my starter kit, I gained access to the best community ever, facebook + other memberships groups with tons of women just like me, who want to make better decisions for themselves (and their kids) and want to find the easiest ways to do it.  In short, I feel like I know more now — and when you know better, you do better!

Also, just to put it our there.  Yes, I did pay money for my starter kit and do purchase products each month (many of them cleaning or skincare products I would buy elsewhere anyways) — but I now more than ever see that as an investment towards my family’s mental + physical wellness, and to teaching my girls the importance of finding tools to help them in their lives!  More than worth it, ten times over.

If you have ever thought about oils, or even if you haven’t but now miiiiiight be thinking this could be a good option for you + your family, you can learn more about the starter kit HERE!  You can also follow along at our Instagram account @bricknerfamilyessentials, where we share tons of information about oils, other Young Living products, and the ways that we are incorporating them into our daily life.  And of course, you can send me an email at abrickner1@gmail.com or DM me on Instagram to get more information, I AM HERE TO HELP!!!!  It’s no secret that hand sanitizers and cleaners are sold out across the country, they are still available right now through Young Living, as part of your starter kit.  Separately, there is also a thieves starter kit, complete with hand sanitizer, soap, and cleaners that will come to your DOORSTEP in a few days.

Come join the fun + stay well! XO

And just like that, our Remerie Rue is one + a half!  From here until September, closer to TWO than one, but still very much our little baby.  I haven’t done an update on her since her first birthday, it’s been such a fun (and wild!) six months since then!  Per usual, I’m going to be incredibly cliche and say how fast the time has gone and how wonderful + hard it’s been at the same time.  Because it is SO TRUE.  Having little kids (especially three of them) is like this constant tornado of feelings, so badly wanting to hold on to every cute little second + neeeeever wanting them to grow up, but also feeling this permanent state of exhaustion + wondering when life might just get a little easier again.  The craziest part is that even in the hardest of hard moments, you wouldn’t change any of it.  Either way, Remie is growing into this precious little lady + goodness WE ADORE HER.

A little bit about our 18 month Remie Rue, the absolute cutest, most destructive human alive.  She seriously is so freaking cute that it almost makes you forget how much of a handful she is, 99% of the time. 😉 The big girls call her “Remie Rascal” and tell me how fitting it is that we named her with two Rs, because she is always into something.  Always.  The bread drawer, computer, stack of important papers, basket of clear hair ties, second grade homework, stack of perfectly folded laundry – when you turn your head for two seconds, she is in it.  I don’t ever remember my other girls being this into all the things they shouldn’t (or starting tantrums so early), so I am already mentally preparing myself for the two’s, but also cannot help but laugh when she smiles every dang time that she does something she knows she shouldn’t + makes you forget all about it.  She is always reaching out to give a kiss or hug, and wanting to to cuddle or hold my hand.  Her laugh is the most contagious and even though she is still so little, she is always the first to hug one of her sisters when they are upset about something.  She is just the cutest little combo of sweet + sassy!

She loves being outside (especially on the swing), music, and mostly just wants to be around here sisters, whatever they are doing she wants to do it, too! 🙂 Lately she has been into “reading” books, she will grab a book + blanket and sit on the couch with it open and it’s the cutest thing ever.  She still sucks her same two fingers when she is upset, in a new place, or always when she is falling asleep, while simultaneously playing with her hair with her other hand.  And ANYTIME we see a dog or a tiny baby, she gets so excited + has to get really close, these are definitely two of her most favorite things.

The older she gets, the less she looks like either of her sisters, which is so funny + also so much fun to see the differences.  Genetics just amaze me!  She is truly our surprise little babe, the best surprise ever, with a look + personality all of her own.  We loooooove to love you, Remie Rue! 

For fun, Waverly’s eighteen month update can be found here + Avalon’s can be found here.  Being able look back on these is one of my favorite things!  XO