We are still living on stay at home orders over here (day 45404?) + like most people, we are pretty much on a roller coaster of emotions.  One minute I see all the silver linings and get a little sad thinking about when this is all over + we have to go back to normal life, and then the next I CANNOT WAIT TO GET OUT OF MY HOUSE and go back to normal life!!!  Either way, it’s a moment in history and hopefully the first + last pandemic we will ever live through, so I thought I would document what our days are currently looking like over here, with three kids in quarantine.

All four of us girls are home, all of the time.  I am teaching full-time online, Waverly is in between zoom calls + flip grids + learning plans, Avalon is doing sight words from a book I got her plus still checking in to see her preschool class once a week, and Remerie is a tiny wrecking ball living her very best life with all of us home.  My husband is working twice a week and working from home all the other days, + we are trying to fit in all the house projects in between everything else.  We have gone on more family bike + golf cart rides in the last couple of months than all the ones before it, such a blessing, and have also let the girls have more screen time more than ever before because, survival.  Our big girls obviously have figured out that life is not business as usual right now — Avalon saw a woman litter the other day and said “she is definitely going to get the coronavirus”. 😉 They also desperately miss trips to Target and our weekly Mexican nights and most of all, being with our family + friends, but all in all I think that they appreciate this downtime with just the five of us as much as we do, which is truly the biggest positive of it all.

We are sending our love to those directly impacted by all of this + also wishing the happiest mother’s day to all the mamas this weekend! XO

Thankfully even in quarantine, we were able to venture out for one of our FAVORITE TRADITIONS of the year last week, strawberry picking!!!  We look forward to this so much + haven’t missed a year since Waverly was just learning to walk, it has been so fun to watch our crew grow by two little girls since then and to watch them grow + appreciate it in different ways each year.  Waverly has always loved strawberries and been really into picking the best ones, Avalon has never liked them but is usually still up for the trip as long as it involves a sweet, and Remerie (on her second trip this year), is always into whatever her older sisters are.  This year was extra special since we really haven’t been out much at all for the past five weeks, we have truly learned to appreciate the little things more than ever.

We used our strawberries to make popsicles a couple times over the past few days, a super simple recipe with strawberries, milk + sugar — they are SO GOOD!  And a little walk down memory lane, a few links to some of our past spring strawberry picking trips below.  Hope you are all staying well!!!! XO

Strawberry Picking 2015

Strawberry Picking 2016

Strawberry Picking 2017

Strawberry Picking 2018

Strawberry Picking 2019


Our Easter Sunday was simple + sweet, one we will remember forever for sure. A perk of having to let so many of our favorite spring traditions go this year was how much more exciting everything was on Easter, the girls were SO EXCITED to come down + see what the bunny had brought them and even more excited to hunt for eggs, since for the first time ever, we hadn’t done that before the actual holiday.  We took our time playing with what they got + making Easter breakfast for just the five of us, then afterwards got to have a facetime talent show with my husband’s side of the family + to hunt for eggs my parents had hidden in their yard for the girls.  Later we got to have a zoom call with my brother and sister (in Hawaii and Colorado!) after Easter dinner around our own dining room table.

Overall a really special day, I never want to forget how Waverly Maye organized and put away her entire Easter basket within five minutes of opening it (so my child!), or how Avalon was living her very best life eating all the candy in sight wearing the blue crown my mother-in-law got her.  And little Remie Rue, it was her first time really hunting for eggs + she was in it to win it, she loved every little second of the day so much.

We hope your Easter was the sweetest! Stay well, friends.  XO

Happy Good Friday, friends!  I cannot believe Easter is already here, it has obviously been one crazy set of circumstances this year but we are hoping to make the most of it + to make some magic for our girls.

I wanted to share a few photos from our Easter activities this year.  We had to let some things go, no Easter egg hunts with friends + no visit to see the Easter bunny, but we did get to decorate sugar cookies + dye Easter eggs (two of our favorite things!!).  We have played with approximately 4907 plastic Easter eggs and painted endless spring crafts, read ALL the Easter books and made it outside for fresh air every time we could.  We are missing our people so much and there have been definite hard moments, but honestly we never get this much downtime our time with our little family and somehow I already know how we will look back on this Easter as one of our absolute sweetest one day.

Happiest Easter to you + yours, we hope you find joy at home this weekend! XO

What a couple of weeks it has been!  We are sending all of the love to those who are directly impacted by Covid-19, and to those of you are just like us — at home, trying to stay well + to make the most out of this situation.  We are currently all out of school, for the rest of this school year, we found out last week and honestly are still wrapping our head around it.  I am so thankful for all of this extra time with the girls, but feel sad for them not being able to finish out their school years with their little friends + teachers.  We all miss being able to see all our loved ones and cannot wait to wrap our arms around them when this is all over!

Two weeks in and we are surviving, definitely not thriving, but making it work, one day at a time!  I thought I would share some tips that are currently helping us through.

A schedule.  One of my good friends sent me a schedule she was using + it has SAVED US!!!!  It helps break up the day, helps the girls know what to expect, and it helps me to not let the day get away from us without being productive at all.  We have it posted on our fridge and are living by it, and plan to for the weeks ahead.

Getting ready everyday. This is really just for me, but I have found this makes suuuuuch a difference in my overall mood + productivity in the day.  I am making it a point to get up + do my hair/make-up each morning, even though we have no where to go.  The couple of days I have let this go I really noticed a difference, when you feel better, you do better!  Even in quarantine. 😉

Essential Oils.  I shared about how much we love oils here, we started using them consistently each day at the beginning of 2020 + I have never been more thankful for them than the past couple of weeks.  We are using them more than ever, to help with overall mood, sleep and to just make our home more cozy + a better place to be!  If you are at all interested in essential oils or just want to hear more, follow our wellness account at @bricknerfamilyessentials or send me an email!

Podcasts.  I have talked about my love of podcasts before, in our current status of social distancing I love them more than ever.  Being able to hear what other mamas are doing through this or just to listen to something other than the news, it gets me through each day!  I typically listen to one while Remerie is napping + the big girls are having quiet time, I so look forward to it.

Low Expectations. Probably what we are living by the most!  This is such an unprecedented time, emotions are high (from us and our kids), and there are going to be so many ups + downs throughout each day.  We are allowing more screen time than usual and aren’t feeling guilty about it, and I am working hard to give myself ALL THE GRACE!!!!!  You should be doing the same, we deserve it!

I really make an effort to find the good in everything, there has truly never been a better time that that, and I am also continuously reminding myself to soak in these moments with my girls — we will most likely never have a chance like this ever again.

Sending so much love to you + yours, we are in this together!!!