Tomorrow October is halfway over, hooooow?!!  Time is flying + as excited as I am for the holidays, I wish we could soak in this sweet season a little longer.  Weekends full of the pumpkin patch, football, soups, and endlessly playing outside in the cooler weather — there is seriously nothing better!!

I am way late on a Fall Bucket List this year, but thought I would share what we are hoping to get into over the next few weeks ahead:

Smores + A Bonfire.

Fall Festivals at Both the Big Girls Schools.

Boo Zoo at our Local Zoo!  Always a Favorite Day in the Fall!

Family Hike Before it Gets Too Cold.

Make + Deliver Treats for our Neighbors.

Pumpkin Carving Day.

Halloween Cookie Decorating.

And of course some photos, we have been to a few pumpkin patches + I have decided there is NOTHING CUTER than a baby who just learned to walk, teetering through a field of pumpkins.  Remerie has been loving this so much (meanwhile the big girls ditched the pumpkins for the rides). 😉

Hope you + yours are enjoying all that is fall!!!  Happy week ahead! XO

**Big girls outfits C/O Mi & Fi and Remerie’s overall worn by ALL THREE of our girls!!!

Happy FALL!!!!  So excited for the next couple of months + to welcome some of our favorite traditions of the year, just hoping the weather gets the memo soon!  Last weekend we kicked off all the fun by taking our big girls apple picking at the cutest little spot in Charlottesville, this is about a three hour drive for us but is totally worth it, we just love this sweet orchard SO MUCH!  The view is the absolute best, they have tooooons of spots for picking + the best treats, including apple cider donuts + a brewery!  Overall just the perfect place to spend a fall afternoon, the temps may not have felt like fall at all, but we made the most out of it and already cannot wait to go back next year.

We decided not to bring Remerie this time, she is not in a phase where she would enjoy a three hour car ride (which means neither would we!) + we thought it would be fun to be able to focus on just the big girls for a day.  Also, we timed the trip with a JOJO CONCERT, a complete surprise for both Waverly + Avalon!!!!  After we picked apples we told them that Jojo was in Charlottesville and that they were getting to see her in just an hour, this was such a fun surprise for them and definitely the highlight of our trip.  My husband stayed back at the hotel 😉 and I took them, their little eyes were lit up the entire time and they danced the night away, way past their bedtimes and then we got ice cream afterwards.

When we left Waverly cried because I couldn’t get Jojo’s mom’s phone number for a playdate, while Avalon was also crying because she couldn’t hug her — you win some, you lose some, but I will seriously remember their first concert and our little weekend getaway forever + ever.  I hope they will, too.

We are three weeks into the school year today, Waverly is in Second Grade + Avalon in PreK!  So far it’s been a pretty easy transition, they are both returning to the same school as the year before, so lots of old friends, familiar faces + similar routines.  I am so thankful for that, it is always such a bittersweet time of year!

They both love school, Waverly’s favorite subject is PE, she loves it almost as much as she loves picking out her outfits each night. 😉  She is always so energetic about everything, she wants to be involved in every activity + spirit day, and spends a lot of her evenings playing school with her dolls or sisters and teaching them everything she learned during the day.  Avalon is always more shy about meeting teachers or new friends in class, but once she knows them, she LOVES them.  Her favorite activities are movement + recess, and is already so good at writing her name and drawing us the sweetest little pictures after school (always with blue + green + orange, her very favorite colors).

I am never ever one to wish time away, but I am already getting excited to see both my big girls together at school next year.  I know how much Waverly will take care of Avalon and how sweet it will be to have them at the same school together, for the first time.

And I have to mention little Remie Rue, who is with a new sitter, my mom + mother-in-law during the week while I am at school!  She is super nervous with new people, and in perfect timing has been popping two new teeth at the same time — so it has definitely been the hardest transition of all three girls.  But goodness I LOVE reuniting with her each afternoon.  Before long she will be holding up her own school sign so I am just soaking in these sweet little baby days with her, even when they sometimes involve a lot of tears.

Happy new school year to my baby girls, we love you soooooo much + are so, so proud! XO


We celebrated our Remie Rue a couple weeks back with a peach party, a laid-back brunch with family, it was perfect for our tiniest girl!  It seems that with each kid our celebrations are getting waaay more low key, because time, but also it really is all about making the day the most special for them.  Remerie loves her people she knows best, but is typically super shy, and so keeping it sweet + small was exactly what she would have wanted!

I loved the colors, so feminine, which reminds me so much of her!  We worked with one of our favorite shops, Coterie Party, and they sent over the cutest details — lots of balloons (which Remie loved!), greenery, + pops of gold.  Everything came together and went so well with her invite (which can be found here), I always keep the invites from the girls parties in their memory boxes + they truly are some of my favorite keepsakes that I will cherish forever.

For food, we did chicken salad, croissants, peaches, + served peach bellinis with peaches on top.  My sister-in-law, who has a new shop, Heart of Sugar! – made peach cookies and baked the smash cake, it was so simple + beautiful!  Remie was way more into feeding her big sisters her cake than eating it, she truly is the sweetest girl!!!  We love you so our Remie girl, and LOVED CELEBRATING YOU!!!!!

The white high chair is the same one that both Waverly + Avalon sat in for their first birthday parties, I remember finding it at a garage sale SEVEN years ago now, it is so special to us!

**If you are in the market for cookies or sweet treats for any type of event, follow my sister-in-law’s bakery, it can be found here! She is local to Virginia Beach but can ship.  XO

Oh my goodness, my sweet baby girl is ONE!!!  One entire year old.  Happy first birthday to our darling + precious Remerie Rue!

So many things I could say about our Remie girl, we all just adore her.  From the moment we found out we were expecting, it felt like such a dream and all this time later, it seriously still does.  She is truly the greatest surprise of my entire life and the most amazing lesson that some of life’s very best things come from plans we never made.

Remie is as sweet as they come + also sooooo mischievous, she gets into all the things and smiles and waves when you catch her in the act.  She is determined, daring, and so strong for such a little thing, she already keeps up with her big sisters and thinks they are hilarious.  She loves to cuddle, but only for a few seconds at a time, and pats my back every single time I pick her up (the best!).   She always bobs her head up and down, smacks her cute little lips into this pucker that owns me, and loooooves music — she already has the best dance moves!  She is not the typical “easy third kid”, she is super hesitant to even look at anyone she doesn’t know well, she doesn’t like toys, hair bows, or not being held — but is so dang cute that you forgive her for all of it.  We laugh that she really doesn’t look like any of us 🙂 but her golden hair and skin are one of my favorite things about her, she truly is a beauty inside + out.

I might have shared before, I will never ever forget crying by myself in my car the day Waverly turned one.  It was such a rush of emotions, I felt like time was moving so fast, that there was no way to stop it and I just wanted so badly to hang on to her first year longer.  Of course this time around is still bittersweet, but I know how much we have to look forward to and all that is to come.  I truly just feel so GRATEFUL for these sweet little girls and am so excited to watch them grow together.

Happiest birthday Remerie Rue, we love you sooooooooooo much, life is so much more beautiful with you in it.