Words really cannot even express how EXCITED I am to see my big girls with their baby sister in just a couple months.  I know I have said it before, but the moment Waverly walked down the hospital hall and saw Avalon for the first time, then held her, and talked to her with her sweetest little voice — forever one of my favorite moments of my entire life.  Watching them together since then is usually my favorite, of course we have lots of challenging moments, but sisterhood really is something incredibly special.  It honestly drives me crazyyy when people assume we were “hoping for a boy” (which I hear  way too often), adding another Brickner sister is truly my dream come true and I love that we get to experience it all times three.

Waverly & the baby will be six years apart, most likely the same week the baby arrives she will be starting FIRST GRADE so this will be way different than the first time around!  She already is so nurturing to Avalon (sometimes bossy), but she is 100% a typical first born and being a big sister is just her thing.  I know she is going to love having another little sister around and will be such a natural, I am excited to be watch them together and equally as excited to have all her help!  Avalon Elle, she is way more hesitant to change and does the little sister role pretty well, so I am super anxious to see how she interacts with the baby.  For the first few months of this pregnancy, whenever we talked about the baby, she always said “sissy will hold baby sis, I will watch”.  But the last month or so she has really been into it, constantly talking about her, saying that she can’t wait to hold her, and she gives my belly a kiss & a hug at least three times a day.  Avalon is just so loving and sweet by nature, this baby girl is going to be lucky to have her as a big sister.

I teamed up with two of my favorite shops to surprise the girls with early big sister gifts, they were so excited about these and I loved getting them something to make them feel extra special before a major change around here in the next couple of months.

The strollers are from Trio Kid and match the one I will be using (right down to the color!), and we have already used them tons.  The girls love to walk their “babies” down the street and also pack the area underneath with all their bags!  The unicorn dolls are from Cuddle & Kind, they have our faaaavorite dolls ever and we also love, love their mission — for each doll purchased, they provide ten meals to children in need.  Both sites are linked, they would be such fun gifts for any little ones, any time of year!

Happy halfway through the week! XO

And just like that, the LAST big holiday before baby sister is here to celebrate with us has come & gone!  We had a jam-packed day, probably our busiest one ever, and it was definitely one of the best Fourth of July’s that we have had yet.

Wednesday morning, we headed out early to two parades, the second one was in our new neighborhood and we were so excited to celebrate with our new neighbors and to start a new tradition.  Our favorite part was the firetruck pulling out it’s hose for the kids to run through, they loved it and it totally felt like a Fourth of July moment out of a movie!  Afterwards we spent the afternoon at the pool, came home to change, then went to a friends house to cookout and on their boat for fireworks.  We made it home a little after eleven, I am 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow and am tired just reading all of that — but the excitement the girls had for all of it just made it so worth it.  As were riding on the boat late after the fireworks were done, both girls fell asleep on my lap while our littlest lady was kicking away and that was EVERYTHING.  So much has changed since this day one year ago, none of it we really expected or planned, and it still just overwhelms me with thankfulness.

Hope your holiday was full of all the good things and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!  It’s always good to see another weekend after surviving the 5th of July.  XO

NINE MORE WEEKS (ish) until we have three kids!!!!!  Oh my goodness, it’s getting real.  I know everyone says it, but it’s so true, every single pregnancy flies by faster than the last and I just cannot believe we are already to this point.  It all still feels so surreal and like the (happiest!) dream, probably because this wasn’t planned like our other two, but ready or not, here she comes!  We cannot wait.
Physically I am feeling pretty good, all of the nausea from the first few months is long gone, my sciatica has improved tons, and for now, I have enough energy and want to do allll the things to get ready for her.  We still have a long list of house projects to complete, but most of the “big” stuff is mainly done, so we are now focusing on the nursery and I am soooooo excited to see it come together!  We will be doing wallpaper on one of the walls and that comes in this week, meanwhile my husband is making a big girl bed for Avalon since she is currently sleeping in the twin part of the convertible crib that will be for the baby.  I have been busy getting a few special pieces for her to wear over the first couple of weeks, pulling out all the newborn clothes, and we are starting to research a bigger car since we have a smaller SUV that doesn’t seem realistic for three kids.  This is definitely the longest we have waited to do any of this, but I know it will get done and also don’t feel near the anxiety I did preparing for Waverly (when I think I assumed I would never be able to leave the house again).

Baby girl moves ALL THE TIME!!!!  Like, allllll the time.  She is by far the busiest baby in my belly of all three girls, which makes me a little nervous for what is to come, but feeling her move around is forever my favorite and I already know how much I will miss it.  We have an ultrasound soon to check on her growth, and are hoping she is still measuring on the smaller side so there is less of a chance for me to be induced for any reason.  Obviously our number one end goal is a healthy baby, but I am so hopeful to actually go into labor on my own for the first time!

The girls are so excited, that’s been one of the most special parts of this pregnancy and I am constantly thinking about the moment that they meet their little sister — I know my heart will just burst.  I am way less nervous about how they will adjust or just about the transition in general than I was when I was pregnant with Avalon, mainly because I know how amazing the whole sisterhood thing is and I also know how quickly all of the stages go.  Maybe that will come back to haunt me when I am knee-deep in the chaos of three little ladies, but either way, I am just feeling so lucky and excited and happy about it all. 

We love you so much already baby girl, keep growing in there — we cannot wait to meet you!

Somehow my first little girl will be SIX in just a few short weeks, I cannot even wrap my head around it!  She has been counting down to her big day for mooonths, making plans and writing lists and just being all around over the moon excited to be an entire six years old.  We can’t wait to celebrate her, both girls will have a joint party again in a few weeks and then Waverly will get to choose anywhere she wants to go on her actual day, followed with dinner at her favorite restaurant with family (and a Wonder Woman birthday cake!) that night.

Waverly is super easy to shop for, she can find something she loves and “has to have” pretty much anywhere we go and constantly has a list of things she wants written in her journal under her bed.  I wanted to get her something special in addition to all the typical stuff she is used to though, and was super excited to team up with the cutest shop, Greetabl to create a personalized card & little gift her her.  The site is incredibly user-friendly and so much fun to use, I was able to put together a card with some of my favorite photos from the last year and a cute print to match!  There is also an option to add a fun little thoughtful gift, she is really looking forward to blowing out six candles this year, so I added some candles in her favorite colors.  The package came in the cutest little box, I gave it to her early so we could display it during her birthday month – she loved it so much and has been holding on to it ever since!

I love the idea of using Greetabl for other events throughout the year, there are tons of other options that make it perfect for all sorts of holidays and especially on birthdays for those people (we all have!) that are hard to buy for.  It will definitely be my go-to birthday gift moving forward!  To find out more & to try for yourself, head here to sign up to be a Greetabl insider — you will get a $20 credit for a totally free Greetabl, plus free shipping for an entire year.  You can also use the code ashleywbrickner for 15% off.  Enjoy, friends! XO

Happy official summerrrrr!  We are finishing up our first week off school and LOVING being at home together so much.  It’s been mornings in bed with Peppa Pig, eggs & bacon in jams until 10, afternoons at the pool, and early evenings catching lightning bugs on repeat.  Long live summer.  This is exactly what I hoped these days would look like and I am determined to make the most of them soaking in all this special time with my two big girls.
I wanted to share some pictures from our Father’s Day weekend, my husband deserves all the best things in the world and we loved celebrating him so much!  In the past six months he has started a new job, completed our first house renovation, started a second one, AND found out he was expecting his third baby girl.  I could never have asked for a better role model for our daughters to look to, I have always heard that you often marry someone who is like your own dad, and that is certainly the case for me.  Forever grateful for the men in my life.
This weekend we are celebrating our SEVENTH wedding anniversary with a little date night, peach picking with the girls, and lots of house projects.  These are the days!  XO