Or actually 35 weeks Saturday, but I have been about one week behind this whole pregnancy so I’m just going with it.  Either way, this belly is going to turn into a baby sooooo soon!!!!!  We are getting more crazy excited by the day.

I updated last at 31 weeks, and since then, we had a big ultrasound and were able to get a really good look at baby girl!  She looks so much like Avalon, has the sweetest button nose and little lips — it is crazy how good these machines are now, I feel like we really saw her!!  The main reason for the ultrasound was to check on her growth, as we are hoping that we won’t have to go through a c-section or induction based on Avalon’s shoulder distocia during birth.  She measured small, 4.2 pounds & in the 17th percentile, so we hope that is enough to make us all feel comfortable enough to go ahead and wait until she is ready to come on her own.  We will decide in the next couple of weeks and even though I reaaaaally hope I can go into labor on my own for the first time — our mail goal is ultimately a healthy baby girl and I am at peace with whatever way we need to get her here, in our arms!

Her nursery is coming right along, the wallpaper & crib are up and I will be going through our box of newborn clothes this weekend.  One of the things that excites me the most about having three girls is thinking of some of the special outfits that I will be able to put all three of them in, starting with some of the sweetest little newborn things!  We still haven’t gotten (or even started looking for) a new car, I honestly love my SUV so much and wish I could just keep it, but when we put three rows up there is no room in the back for a stroller or pretty much anything else.  It’s so funny, I am 100% positive that at this point with both big girls I had the car seat installed, and even checked at the fire station — with Waverly I can remember even going to the car wash every other day to make sure it was cleaned and vacuumed out!!!  Annnnnd this time we don’t even have the car yet!  I know we will get there, life is just a little crazier these days. 🙂

Just like labor, and the first trimester, I had forgotten about allll of the typical third trimester things.  I have the insomnia, the leg pains, am peeing every five seconds, cannot bend over, and the Braxton Hicks have been brutal, especially by the end of the day.  But even with all that, I still love being pregnant and am so thankful for it.  It’s always bittersweet and the craziest feeling getting to these last weeks of pregnancy, I already know I will miss having her all to myself in my belly and with me wherever I go, but really I just CANNOT WAIT to meet her and to officially become a family of five.

Keep growing in there sweet angel girl, we love you so much already!

Our big girl turned six Thursday, SIX WHOLE YEARS!!!  This year has been a really big one for her, I feel like she has had so many milestones and probably has changed more than any other year since she was first born. She started & graduated from full-day kindergarten, learned to read, started riding her bike without training wheels, and learned to swim all on her own.  She is such a legit big kid now and reminds me of it all the time — she also could not wait to turn six– but every now and then I catch a glimpse of her and she still looks like my little baby.  It’s usually when she wants to cuddle or asks me to hold her, which I hope she alwayssss does.
We had her joint birthday party with Avalon a couple weeks ago, and then on her actual day spent the day at the pool per her request and had dinner with family.  The first thing she did when she woke up her birthday morning was put on a glitter purple & pink tutu dress, with a floral crown, to let us know that she was “queen of the day and in charge”.  
A little bit about Waverly, on her sixth birthday, just about a month before she starts the first grade and becomes a big sister for the second time!
One of her favorite things to do right now is to write little notes, or lists.  You can always find a piece of paper by her bed at night or in the morning, and she usually redid it at least three time to make sure it looked perfect.  She loves to write sweet cards to all of us, or to draw pictures of our family — always including her littlest sister and our dog who passed away at Christmas.
She is still our girly-girl, changes throughout the day (by the hour), loves pink & glitter, has names for all her babies, and always has to have all the accessories.  We don’t go anywhere without her packing a purse, and lately I have caught her practicing her smile in the mirror at least once a day.

She is so good about meeting people, especially kids, it’s one of the things I am proudest of her about and I know it will take her far.  We can be at the pool for five minutes and she has three friends, knows all their names and they are running around like they have been besties forever.

She loves being a big sister so much.  Partly because she gets to be in charge, but also just because she looooooves Avalon and always has.  They are the sweetest playing house (mommy & baby), holding hands randomly all on their own, and laughing in their new shared room together, up way later at night than they should be.

She likes things a certain way and is very good about cleaning up after herself and putting things in EXACTLY the place they should be.  This reminds me so much of me!!!  She sets her pillows down in the same order every night, on the same side of the bench by her bed, and always is the first to make her bed in the morning and clean up her toys after the bath.

She has the biggest imagination.  Like soooo big!  She’s had it forever and to this day, she can still sit in a room with a box of dolls and have them all named and talking and on vacation together and it’s forever my favorite.

HAPPIEST SIX, Waverly Maye!  May all your wishes come true.

We didn’t do a traditional invite for the girls birthday party this year, I would like to say it was because I wanted to save the paper or something like that, but it was really because the day crept up on me really fast and I just ran out of time.  Anyone who knows me knows I looooove some good snail mail, pretty cards and invites are some of my favorite things, so I was sad to skip that this time around — especially when I didn’t have them to put in the girls memory boxes like every other year so far.

Then Snapfish contacted me about teaming up on some fun paper products for the summer, and I was so excited to do thank you cards incorporating some pictures of the girls from their fun weekend!!  Waverly & Avalon were so into this, they loved helping pick the pictures and background and were so proud when the final product came in.

I have used (and shared about!) Snapfish before, they are one of my favorite sites for this sort of thing!  There are a ton of options and creative ideas, plus it’s really easy and quick to use.  We ordered the cards right after the girls party and had them within a few days, and the quality is always so, so good!  I also did prints of some of my favorite pictures from this summer so far, it was so affordable and the package of prints came first before the cards, within ONE DAY of ordering them.

So now it’s your turn!!  Turn some of your favorite photos into something creative (or just take the time to print them, something I sometimes forget …).  Use the code SUMMERFUN40 for 40% off your order and have fun with it!!!!  XO

Thank you to Snapfish for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are 100% honest and completely my own.

I know other mamas can relate, I feel like I can never, ever document the girls enough.  They change soooo quickly, way too quickly, it’s both amazing & heart-breaking all at the same time.  I never want to forget all the little details — the freckles on their faces or the way their little curls, the way they say words and sing songs and the stories they tell — I know one day these memories will be some of the most treasured of my entire life and I want to make sure I have the photos & videos to go along with them.
I obviously take tons of pictures, and document some of their childhood on the blog or through pictures on my Instagram.  But that really is only a very small part of it, I am intentional on what I share mainly since it’s not private, which I think about even more as they get older.  I recently was introduced to the Lifetales app and am loving the idea of this as an additional way to document the girls and share with family & friends.  Through Lifetales, you can easily share stories and experiences with anyone that you choose to, and also can easily download these later to save.  Each story starts off private, and then you can choose who you want to send it to!  I also love that each story can incorporate photos, video, text & audio.  This app is FREE!!!! — and can be accessed here.  I am super excited to start using it and challenge you to do the same!
And what would a post about documenting your kids be without documenting your kids?!!  A couple from the other night, Waverly recently learned to ride her bike without training wheels and Avalon has figured out the balance bike she got for her birthday — they spend at least an hour a day riding down our new street together and then just love to play on the driveway.  One of things I will forever remember from this summer! 
Wishing you a very happy weekend full of sweet memories. XO

The girls celebrated their birthdays this past weekend with their second annual joint pool party, this year we went with a unicorn theme and all the pastel rainbow colors to go with it!  We purposefully kept things suuuuper laid-back.  I had initially thought about having it at our new house but opted for our neighborhood pool instead, with house projects still going on and baby girl about seven weeks away it just seemed way more realistic — and I am so glad we did!  The girls are obsessed with going to our pool as often as possible, they loved having all of their friends there with them and it was probably their favorite party yet, and definitely the easiest one I have planned.  
Funny how that works.
I ordered some fun unicorn plates & napkins online, as well as a couple cake toppers and some sweet little treats for favor bags.  My mom helped with the cake (which we ordered but loved what they came up with!), my sister-in-law made the cutest rainbow cookies ever, and the kids ate fruit and pizza between swimming for the entire two hours of the party.  Also worth noting, this was the first year both girls sat for the entire happy birthday song while we sang to them, we practiced a couple of times that morning and I think having the song together made them not quite as nervous.  Avalon said it was the best part of her day, I just love that they will have this memory together!
Cake ToppersUnicorn Plates Unicorn CandlesHeart Float Girls Suits
I took all of these pictures that morning before the party, another little hack I have learned over the years to make things so much easier!   I always want to remember the details but also want to be able to be in the moment as well.
HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY to my sweet summertime babies, you truly are my sunshine and there is no one in the world I would rather celebrate than you. XO