Happy SUMMER, friends!!!  We celebrated Fathers Day over the weekend, our favorite girl dad in the world, my own dad, grandfather + father-in-law, we are so lucky to have so many amazing men in our life and definitely do not take it for granted.  We usually try to spend the day outside, this was the second year in a row at our neighborhood pool, one of our favorite places to be!

Last year I started a tradition of asking the girls five things they love about Joe, + then when I went back to find it this year to do it again and compare I realized I lost what I wrote 😉 so I thought I would record it here.  Five things my big girls love about their daddy, we will plan to ask Remie Rue next year when she is a bit older!

Waverly Maye: Loves that he takes her fishing, loves that he takes her on bike rides, that he is silly with her, plays with her, and is “so kind to her”.

Avalon Elle: Loves that he built her bed, plays puzzles with her, plays catch with her, that he made her a new trampoline, a playhouse, + that he snuggles with her at night.

They are three lucky girls.

Now on to the first week of summer, we have a busy week with swim practices and dance recitals, so glad to be back to some kind of normal living again!  We hope you + yours had the best weekend celebrating! XO

Last Friday was Waverly’s last day of second grade + since Avalon’s preschool year ended a couple weeks prior, we are officially DONE with school for the summer!!!  Even though the end of the school year feels different this year since we have been technically been home for months, it is still much welcomed.  Virtual learning was definitely a struggle, I was not meant to be a homeschool teacher + Waverly Maye was not meant to learn from a computer.  She thrives on social interaction and loves the routine of going to school each day plus of course her teachers + friends, so we are crossing our fingers for more of a normal schedule in the fall.  Either way, I will forever be so thankful for all the extra time I got with all three of my girls this year, the good outweighed the bad and it was extra sweet since I typically work full-time during the school year.

A few things I want to remember about this past school year.

Waverly Maye, second grade + second year of Spanish immersion.  She loves writing the most and knows everyone at her school by name (even most of the staff and kids in different grades).  Her teaches gave her the “Ray of Sunshine” award which made me smile so much, she got the “Positively Peppy” award in kindergarten so it’s nice to know how much joy she spreads to others at school!  During virtual learning she lived for zoom calls to socialize with her friends and gets crazy excited for a SCA theme day, any excuse to dress up and to celebrate, always.

Avalon Elle, her very last year of preschool ever.  So bittersweet.  She likes school but most days would rather stay home “cozy” in her pjs to play with her sisters + Peppa Pig toys, this is funny because it is so different than Waverly!  She is such a good little student and has learned so much this year, she gets so excited to write her name + to cut with her soccer scissors.  I am SO EXCITED for her + Waverly to be together next year, I just know how much Waverly will take care of her and it gives me all the feels already.

And Remerie Rue, still way too young for school but I must include how much her vocabulary has exploded the past few months.  She is a late talker (probably because she has never been able to get a word in!) but our pediatrician said she would have a word explosion and that certainly has been the case, I have loved being at home to be front and center for it!  Current most used words are bird, baby, dog and of course mama/dada, always my favorite.

And now, SUMMER!!!!  Hoping the weather gets the memo soon, it’s been cold + rainy this week and we are ready for sunshine.  Sending some your way too! XO

We celebrated Avalon Elle turning five over the weekend with a brunch with family + then an afternoon at the pool, followed by her first ever sleepover!  Truly her best day ever, the timing worked out so that it was our first official weekend of phase two after quarantine and also the first day our pool opened for the summer, she kept saying that “everything is normal again because it is my birthday”. 🙂 It really was the first time things had felt normal in a while which made it all so much more special.

I had planned to forgo “parties” this year + wanted to let each of the girls pick a fun outing, but since we really weren’t sure how things would work out or what would be open, we had to let that go this time around.  Instead, I ordered a few fun things + worked with a couple small shops to make the day feel festive for her, she requested “some blue + some sweets”, two of her favorite things!

One of the many things that quarantine has taught us is to appreciate the small things, what a joy it was to watch our sweet little girl have such a beautiful weekend with loved ones.  We are so thankful for her!  Happiest five Avalon Elle, we adore you.

Tableware by Ellie + Piper — Garland by Glitter Party Co — Cookies by Heart of Sugar

Tomorrow birthday season officially kicks off in our house, first up is Avalon Elle who will be FIVE!!  An entire hand, goodness I cannot believe it!  She is such a joy, a light + all the wonderful things — she is so very easy to celebrate and we cannot wait to give her the most special weekend, our pool opens up tomorrow and it couldn’t have been better timing!  To kick off the fun, I thought I would share five things about an almost five year old Avi girl, our blonde, curly haired little darling with the biggest heart.

1 —  Biggest Peppa Pig lover, THREE YEARS LATER!!!  This is the cutest + craziest thing ever to me, Waverly has been through so many phases of loving things and getting over them (probably like most kids), but Avalon is in this for the long haul.  She wears Peppa Pig jams six nights of the week and plays with her Peppa Pigs at least an hour a day.

2 — She is sweet obsessed and also my little baking buddy.  It’s one of our favorite things to do together, she has a little apron and gets so excited to help (mostly so she can sneak tastes!).  She will never ever turn any kind of sweet down + could care less about most other types of food, my pickiest eater for sure!

3 — Lover of balls + sports, she is so athletic and I am so excited to see her do soccer again this summer since her spring season was cancelled for Covid.  She learned to ride a big girl bike at age two + just picks up everything so quickly, she definitely did not get this from me!

4 — She is just so sweet.  I have said it forever, she has been full of all the sweetness from the day she was born and has never lost one bit of it.  She is definitely my most laid-back child and most of the time just goes with the flow, can play on her own for hours and always has the biggest smile on her face.

5 — She has the best stories and the beeeest accent, I still have no idea where it came from but goodness I hope she never loses it. She still calls a mini van a “vini-man” and pronounces birds without the r, she also tells me that she will be my baby until she is 100.

And some of my favorite pictures of our Avi girl from the past year, the very last one is probably my favorite, her preschool graduation a couple weeks ago.  This has been a big couple of weeks for her, lots of celebrations + excitement and she deserves all of it!

Happy Birthday Eve Avalon Elle, we love you to the moon + cannot wait to celebrate YOU!!!!! XO

So we went strawberry picking, again, and I can’t keep these photos to myself because strawberry picking photos are some of my very favorite things.  Getting out + about at least once a day is the key to our sanity during this quarantine, even if it’s just to ride our bikes around the neighborhood or drive to the nearest shopping center for donuts + ice coffee.  Bigger outings like drives to the strawberry fields feel extra special and are pretty much the only thing open so we are HERE FOR IT.

We have been eating all the strawberries lately + Avalon’s favorite, making strawberry popsicles each afternoon.  Wishing you a happy week ahead, friends! XO