New year, new products to love!!!  Remerie is about to turn four months, and even though she is still too little for an actual high chair, I have been wanting to upgrade her to a bigger seat where she could be more at eye level with the rest of us.  She is actually the first of all my babies to be content for a period of time without being held (probably because there is always so much going on around her!), but during meal times or when the girls are doing homework or coloring on the island, we always like to have her close!  Previously we were using the Bumbo + she would sit on the counter, but she is moving around more now and I was starting to get nervous that she would flip herself right out.

We teamed up with Oribel to try one of their Cocoon High Chairs, which was perfect for her starting out this young since it literally grows with baby.  There are soooo many options — three recline positions, six chair heights, a snack + drink holder, and a self-feeding tray.  We started out the first couple of days just by reclining her, and then moved into sitting her up with the tray which she loved so much.  We put her toys around her but mostly she just loved being higher up with her sisters, you have to zoom in on her sweet happy face in the first photo!!!

I LOVE the modern design, the neutral colors and the wheels on the bottom which make it super easy to move around our kitchen!  I am the first to admit that some of the bright colored baby products in our house drive me a little crazy, but this high chair is so pretty I actually love keeping it out!  We are super excited to use it in the months to come and watch our sweet Remie Rue grow into it.

The biggest thank you to Oribel for sending this over, all thoughts + opinions are completely my own! XO

Happiest New Year to you and yours!!!  I always look forward to a fresh start and the return to some kind of routine after the holidays, but honestly this time around 2018 was hard to say goodbye to. It was one of the best years we have had in a really long time, SO MUCH HAPPENED — with the highlight being our sweet Remerie Rue and buying our second home.  My husband also started a new job, I made it through my first year at a new school, Waverly finished kindergarten and learned to swim, & Avalon loved her her first year of preschool and started riding a big girl bike with no training wheels.  There was a whole lot of change, and chaos, but also a whole lot of love.

We are headed into 2019 feeling endlessly grateful and looking forward to taking more time to settle & soak it all in.  We are ready to make all the memories with our growing girls, but also to give ourselves grace when we need a moment to step back from it all.  To continue to grow, to learn, and to be PRESENT — something I always think about this time of year and that is hard to always achieve, but is so important to me as a mother.

I love, love new beginnings and cannot wait to see what we have ahead in the new year!

THANK YOU for following along year after year, it means so much!  Happy 2019, we hope this year is the most magical and best yet! XO

PS — Waverly & Avalon’s dresses are from Pixie Lane and they are obsessed with them!!  Such cute clothes for an affordable price.

Merry few days after Christmas!  This week always just feels kind of weird, I never know what day it is or really what we should do, everyone is pretty exhausted and equally sad that Christmas is over and happy to be able to get back into a routine again (or maybe that is just me?).  Either way, of course I am SO EXCITED to have some time off work to be at home with my babes until the new year!

The girls had a very merry Christmas, they were spoiled with tons of toys and lots of family time with their favorite people.  Waverly ended up getting sick Christmas Eve morning, which was the saddest thing ever, but thankfully she had a quick recovery and was back to her energetic self the next day.  Avalon was soooo into believing in all the magic, she was so excited to watch the Santa Tracker to see where he was all day and for the first time in her entire life, she went to sleep immediately when we laid her down — because she was so worried that Santa would not come if she was awake.  And sweet Remerie, just as precious as ever, smiling and cooing and not really knowing that it was different than any other day.

I never want to forget how cute Waverly & Avalon were throwing their reindeer food into the yard and setting out the cookies (always one of my favorite parts!), Waverly waiting until Avalon opened all her presents before her (she always does this), or watching all three girls in their matching Christmas pajamas sit on the floor looking at their toys together.

We hope you had the best holiday, happy almost 2019! XO

Today is the LAST DAY of school for me & the big girls, we are soooooo excited to celebrate our favorite holiday in just a few days and to have some much-needed time off for winter break.  This month has flown by —  our first December with three kids and also Remie is the youngest baby we have ever had during the holidays — it has been a mix of the sweetness that comes with a tiny babe during this magical season, all the festive fun with a three & six year old, and ALL.the.chaos that comes with it all!  I shared this post last year right before Christmas (so crazy to think that Remerie was a tiny little seed in my belly at that time and we had NO IDEA!), and wanted to do one this year as well.  So many favorite memories from this month that I want to hang on forever …

All three girls sitting on Santa’s lap for our annual trip to Bass Pro.  This was the first year since Waverly was one that we didn’t have one crying, even though Avalon was close, she was the sweetest holding Remie’s hand the entire time.

The girls holiday dance performances, the first year with Avalon in dance just like her older sister and she did so good!  For so long she said she didn’t want to dance and now loves it so much, they are in separate classes & rooms but it is so sweet to watch Waverly help her and for her to do her own thing too.

Our favorite Christmastown tradition, which started when Waverly was just five months and we haven’t missed a year since.  This year was a reality check of how old Waverly is, she just wanted to ride the rides the entire time.  Meanwhile Avalon just wanted to wave at Santa & the Sesame Street Characters and Remerie had the biggest blowout of all time.

Our everyday moments at home, hanging by the sparkly lights of the tree while the girls took ornaments on & off no less than one million times and danced to all our favorite Christmas songs.  Waverly wrapping presents (our household items) for random people, Avalon forever checking-in on the elf, and Remie just being cute as can be.

I hope they grow to always love this season (and each other) as much as they do now.

Wishing you & yours the HAPPIEST holiday!  XO

It is LESS THAN ONE WEEK until Christmas Day, six more sleeps until our little girls are running downstairs to see if Santa came and I cannot wait.  Before the big day comes & goes I wanted to share some pictures of our annual trip to pick out our tree, always one of my favorite outings of the year!  It’s no secret that I love to photograph the heck out of the girls on days like these, I always like to take pictures of them but especially when they are dressed all festive and doing one of our favorite traditions — I feel like it’s just my right as a mom. 🙂

The pictures came out super cute and I love them, but I also want to always remember the behind the scenes too.  That my husband really did not want to buy our tree there at all (he was hoping to stop by the grocery store on his way home from work and pick one up, where they were way cheaper), but he did because he knew how important it was to me.  That the big girls were exhausted and whiny because they stayed up too late the night before sleeping over at the grandparents, getting them ready was PAINFUL — but that they came out of it quickly after a lady gave them a couple of jingle bell necklaces and ended up having the best time ever.  And that little Remie Rue, on her very first Christmas, was just as sweet as can be taking every little part of it in (until she wasn’t & started screaming, so I carried her to the car to breastfeed her in the drivers seat of my mini van, still cannot believe that I have one).

I was exhausted afterwards and am exhausted a lot lately, but also so incredibly grateful for these three little loves.  These are the days, the very best days.

Their muddy boots, one of my favorite parts!!!!  Happy one week until Christmas! XO