We celebrated our tiniest little girlfriend over the weekend with the sweetest sprinkle, Donuts & Diapers hosted by my mom and sister!  I was 38 weeks (and feeling it!) the day of the party, we didn’t intentionally plan to have it so late in my pregnancy but with a crazy summer it was just the way it worked out — we were thankful she held on in there long enough for us to celebrate!  I had to be talked into a sprinkle at all, especially with a third girl, but love that she got to have her own celebration just like her big sisters.  Also super thankful for lots of diapers and wipes for baby girl, we will obviously get lots of use out of them in the weeks/months to come!

The sprinkle was at my sister’s house, my mom & her did the best job planning it and had so many sweet details to make the morning just so special for all of us.  They did a donut wall, biscuit bar, “momasa” bar, yogurt parfaits — soooo many yummy breakfast treats, I didn’t even have a chance to get photos of them all!  I also loved reading the special “wishes for baby” that our family and friends filled out while we were there, almost every single one of them said something about always being close to her sisters which made me smile every single time I read that.

The biggest thank you to my mom and sister, our family and friends for making us and our baby girl feel so loved!  We are officially READY for her to get here now! 🙂
PS — I had my 38 week appointment yesterday and for the first time ever, am dilated to a one all on my own!!!  I wasn’t even dilated overdue or at the hospital with either of the big girls, so I am feeling super encouraged even with just a little bit of progress.  I am so hoping she comes on her own or at least, that if I am induced it will be an easier process this time.  Please send all labor vibes my way! XO

FULL-TERM!!!  We are just a couple weeks (days?!) from meeting our newest baby girl and feeling all the feelings.  Soooo much excitement and of course some nerves, I cannot believe we will have her in our arms so soon!
From the start of this pregnancy everyone I told my due date to said I would have a brutal summer.  It really hadn’t hit me until the last couple of weeks, but now I am HOT, getting out of breathe really easily, and food is pretty hard to get down with all of that combined.  On the plus side, I have been loving shaved ice and cannot get enough water, and seriously loooove the feeling of being weightless in the pool.  Also a constant rotation of dresses and little clothing are way more acceptable in the dead of summer, I have a few that still fit left and will be living in them until she gets here!

Of course with being so close I am now to weekly appointments with my OB, we have finally decided on a birth plan and I thankfully do not have to go through a planned c-section (at least for now).  We were going back & forth because of Avalon’s shoulder distocia during birth, but after going back over her notes, my doctor confirmed that it was because of Avalon’s position and not because of me — which if it was the second, would obviously make it a higher risk that it would happen again.  Avalon was also a smaller baby at birth than Waverly, so it’s encouraging that Waverly did not have it & was bigger.  So now, we wait!!!!  And fit in some last summer fun with our two big girls, who are both so excited about their baby sister and are constantly talking about her.  Also worth noting, I bent down the other day to grab something and came back up to Avalon clapping for me saying, “see mom, you can get down on your own!”.
This could possibly be my last pregnancy three update, hoping to be back with some news on the arrival of our third little girl before long!!!  XO

Here in VB we don’t go back to school until the Tuesday after Labor Day (I always think it’s so crazy to see pictures of kids in their school outfits in early August!) — so we are still soaking in all the summer things and making the most out of our last few weeks!  Summer seems to fly by faster every year, I feel like we spend forever counting down to it and then it comes & goes in the blink of an eye.  This time around has been a fun mix of settling into the new house, getting a million projects done, nesting for baby sister, and spending LOTS of time at our new neighborhood pool.  The girls are loving swimming more than ever (they are like little fishes now!), and when they aren’t barefoot in bathing suits at the pool, they love to be riding their bikes down the street playing “sister”.  Which is just about the cutest thing ever.

The days are long, especially since Avalon has recently dropped her nap (except for the rare occasion she falls asleep on her floor or the couch, which is almost always about five minutes before dinnertime and way too late to let her sleep).  It’s hot, like I swear it’s the hottest summer ever, all of a sudden I feel like I might be 150 weeks pregnant.  And Waverly is starting a week-long dance camp today because I quickly realized that no group activities or structure for an entire summer was just a little too much for her after being used to full-day kindergarten all year.  But I have said it a million times and think it at least a few times a day, I am FOREVER grateful for my summers at home with my girls.  If you haven’t seen this video, you must watch it — it is so true and makes me tear up just thinking about it.  More than ever, I am determined to make every summer count!

Hope you and your sweet families are having the best summer and if you are back to school (or getting ready to go back!), a smooth start back to the school year!  XO

We have been super busy packing our hospital bags, finalizing the nursery, and getting all the last-minute things for baby sister — tomorrow I will be 37 WEEKS and technically she could come anytime now!  Baby prep is so much fun, but also can be overwhelming, there are just soooo many products out there to choose from (way more now than even just a few years ago when I was pregnant with Avalon!).  We recently teamed up with Nuna on a new big stroller for the baby, we will be using this in addition to a smaller one for quick trips and also our double one.  We are so excited about the Nuna and have already been testing it out by taking the girls favorite dollies on trips around the block!

I am kind of addicted to reading reviews on products before getting anything, especially something as big as a stroller we will be using all the time, so I read a ton about the Nuna Mixx2 before this partnership.  Almost everyone I read who had it, loved it, and after it arrived I completely understood why.  It is easy to maneuver and glides so well, and also is soooo easy to collapse — which is something that I have found to be super important over the years.  The basket at the bottom is big enough to carry your bag (as well as 10 million snacks and drink cups for your other kids, plus the purses you have to hoard if you are a girl mom like me!).  I also love how sleek and minimalistic it is!
We also got the Nuna PIPA car seat and will be using that when she is little, the seat pictured is for babies starting at about six months!
If you are in the market for a new stroller or know someone who is, you can find the Nuna Mixx2 here.  Happy Friday, friends!! XO

I am so excited to share about my partnership with Bloomlife, after three pregnancies, their contraction monitor has quickly become one of my favorite pregnancy products and I will forever be recommending it!  It is the world’s first clinically validated wearable contraction monitor, so basically, it’s like you are at the hospital hooked up to the monitor, but really, you are comfy at home and just checking to see what kind of progress your body is making.  Best idea ever.
The Bloomlife is offered as a rental, I started using it a couple of weeks ago right when I turned 33 weeks.  There are three parts, the sensor & reusable patch (both which are sent to you in the mail) —  and then the app which is super easy to download on your phone, and then use afterwards.  It tracks your contractions with real-time data, shows how far apart they are, how long they last, and even shows a bar to find patterns.  It also allows you to share all your data with friends or family, which I think is so fun!
  For me, this pregnancy has been just as exciting and magical as the first, and as we near labor and my due date, those anxieties and nervous feelings about actually getting her here all feel like I am going through it for the first time, too.  Maybe even more now, after going through two very long labors and deliveries, and knowing really how much goes into them.  At 35 weeks, I am already questioning every cramp or pain, and trying not to google them immediately to see if it could be a sign that I may actually go into labor on my own.  It’s been SO NICE to actually be able to get the information on my own this time, especially being able to do it right from home!

I am so excited to use the Bloomlife for the weeks ahead as we wait for baby girl, I know I will be relying on it even more the farther along I get!  If you are pregnant or know someone who is, use the code AB10 for 10% off your own weekly rental.  Enjoy!!  XO