One week from today, Mr. BB and I will finally have the opportunity to see the second picture of our baby-to-be.  As previously posted, the first photo was taken precisely 12 weeks ago … not that I’m counting.  We knew then that the wait to the monumental 20 week ultrasound was going to be a long one, but it seems that the closer we get, the slower times passes.  And while I am trying to be patient, I am absolutely over the moon about being able to know the gender of Baby Brickner, and also (more importantly) to get the next glimpses of a healthy boy or girl.
So the final guesses are coming in … and there certainly doesn’t seem to be a swing in any one direction.  My mom?  Her mother’s intuition says boy, and my sister agrees.  My husband’s side of the family?  All seem to envision a future in pink.  My closest friends seem to be thinking boy, while most of those at my work favor a girl. 
And the actual parents-to-be?!  We don’t have a feeling at all.  Sure, my husband (as most men do) seems to forsee a baby boy to bring fishing and in his Jeep … but I know a little girl would steal his heart.  Me, I don’t seems to have that “mother’s intuition” I’ve been told can be so strong.
It looks like we will have a wait a little bit longer.  Hope it goes fast.

Last year, with every holiday came the “This will be the last Christmas, Birthday, Halloween, esc. before we are married.”  And this year, it’s the first Christmas, Birthday, Halloween that we are married.  And now, it’s also known as the last time we will celebrate whatever day before the baby.
So last week, we officially commemorated our last Valentine’s Day before Baby Brickner will be a part of it with us.  And even though (as a result of precious Baby Brickner), I wasn’t feeling my best, it was truly one of the best, and most memorable Valentine’s Day celebrations I have had.  
It’s my husband, Mr. BB … who is the one to thank (for this and many, many other reasons lately).
I am undoubtably a fashion-obsessed young lady, and most holidays my dream gift would be a new piece of jewelry, a pair of shoes, or perhaps even a gift card.  But the one gift I hadn’t thought of last week – proved to be so much better.  Mr. BB had spent the day (while I was at work) cleaning out our former office and new baby’s room.  So now, we have a clean and organized room ready to be filled with baby supplies and lovable items.  And I can’t wait. 🙂  

NOT I am complaining …
I am completely aware that this nine months of a new body/feeling of being will be MORE than worth it.  But as many, many others who have been down this road before me know well …
BABY in Belly = Occasional feelings of nausea, extreme hunger, headaches, emotional ups & downs and now (for me), one STRONG upper respiratory infection.
Since hitting the second trimester (a mark I was really looking forward to), I (thankfully) have felt better.  The nausea has certainly calmed down, and I am even able to make it down the stairs to join my husband for dinner most nights of the week.  I am feeling good, just as my books as told me I would, and I have definitely welcomed this much-needed relief with open arms.
Then came Thursday evening, specifically around 1 AM.  I must explain that Thursday nights are one of my favorite nights of the week (second only to obviously, Friday & Saturday) for the very reason that it is the night before the weekend begins.  But this particular Thursday was not ideal – since I was awoken with a feeling in my throat that I knew meant a rough few days to come.
Now, five days later, I officially know that an upper respiratory infection has invaded my (and baby’s) body.  But with knowledge comes power, and I have been prescribed with a medicine deemed safe to take while expecing precious Baby B.  So I HOPE to be that glowing, expecting mom-to-be again in just a few days.  Fingers crossed. 🙂

Happy Super Bowl Sunday (A few days late).  I have to fully admit that I don’t follow NFL football throughout the season.  In fact, this Super Bowl football game will be the first NFL game that I watch in 2012.  However, I must point out that I am a rare fashion-loving girly-girl who can appreciate a sporting event – thanks almost entirely to my childhood upbringing with parents and siblings who enjoyed athletics, specifically the game of baseball.
But just as every other year – and similar to most other Americans – I devoted my Sunday January evening to the annual event.  Though this year, unlike any other year prior – I had an innnovative way to commemorate the event …
Thanks to my husband, who painted an appropriate image on my growing belly.
Yes … it’s definitely growing.  It gets me excited. 🙂

I have always considered myself a morning person.  I have never been as talented as my younger sister at sleeping in until one in the afternoon – a skill she has recently perfected as an undergraduate at James Madison University.  And being a high school teacher with an alarm clock that rings at 5:00 AM, I don’t really have the choice to leave my house prior to the daylight, anyways.
But with my ability to wake fresh in the mornings, as you may expect, comes my downfall:  my nights.  Even before my career, I have never been much of a night owl.  And lately, with the new addition of Baby Brickner in my belly, I have found my bedtimes to get earlier, earlier, and earlier.  Sure, I read how extreme fatigue is a sure symptom of pregnancy – but the last few weeks I have FELT it more then ever.  Baby bean & I can be found at approximately 8 PM, pregnancy pillow nestled around us.  And while we used to be able to at least make it through a thirty-minute DVR’d show before being completely in REM sleep mode … those times seem to have passed by now.
Something tells me in July (Baby’s ETA) … my bedtimes aren’t going to get any later.  The only difference:  I most likely won’t be able to stay asleep for long.