It’s that time of year again … the end of the March, that is, which signals my annual Fashion Marketing trip to New York City.  The trip is always jam-packed, lots of walking, and of course, endless shopping.  Last year, my focus was on outfits for wedding showers, rehearsal dinners, and our honeymoon to the Bahamas.  This year?
Obviously, the focus is on Baby-Girl-To-Be.  And even though she already has a wide variety of pink dresses, leggings, bows, skinny jeans, esc. (one that would make any newborn in the nursery the slightest bit jealous) … making a few additions to her growing wardrobe certainly remains a priority for the trip.
Other thoughts before we (baby & me) depart on the plane to the La Guardia airport?  Well for one, to keep my precious cargo safe & sound.  Although my doctor gave me the go-ahead for the trip, I clearly have to think more about my health this year.  For the first year, my heels have to stay at home.  And lots of water and food to keep my energy up are on the menu.
So we are off for Little Miss Brickner’s first (but definitely not the last) trip to the Big Apple. 

The time really is flying by.  I can hardly believe that I am 22 weeks pregnant and OVER halfway to the finish line – also known as the day I get to meet Baby Brickner for the first time.  It doesn’t seem long ago that I was wearing the tightest shirts possible in effort to draw attention to my “barely” there baby bump.  I realize this sounds backwards … but I seriously went from wearing flowy silhouettes pre-preganancy to slim ones from the very first days because I was so proud of the bump I was beginning to show.
These days, there is little reason to find the tightest shirts in my closet, as my stomache has grown to the point where it is quite obvious regardless.  Yes, there is definitely a baby growing in there and she seems to be getting bigger everyday.  In fact, last week marked the point where it became essential for new undies & bras.  I was starting to have indented lines all over the areas where my previous ones clearly didn’t fit.
It is hard to imagine what my bump will be like come July.  But the fact remains that I am honored to carry this little princess each & every day.
22 Weeks

I am officially on CLOUD NINE.  A pink cloud, that is.  And, as you probably guessed …
This is why:

I still cannot believe that Baby Brickner is a SHE!!!!  This is ALMOST as shocking as finding out that I was pregnant four months ago.  Visions of giant floral headbands, tutus, and colored tights are officially dancing in my head.  I seriously would have been happy EITHER WAY, and I mean it when I say that, but the thought of having a daughter is absolutely exhilerating. 
A special thank you to my mom and sister-in-law for planning the details of the ADORABLE bumblebee themed party, and to my dad for following it through. 
I know Little Miss Brickner already loves each of you. 
More information on the party tomorrow … I’ll remain in my euphoria until then. 🙂  

It really is hard to put into words how amazing the feelings I have been experiencing the last couple of weeks have been.  And no, I am not referring to the emotional high I have been on since finding out that we were expecting our first child, but more specifically, the actual feelings of movement that have been occuring in my lower abdomen.  I never thought I could love such a butterfly/popcorn-popping/swimming sort of sensation (that, by the way, has transformed this week into actual karate kicks that feel much like major muscle spasms), but I do.  So much so that I crave it, and truly get excited with each movement I feel as it indicates the precious little baby-to-be that is currently subsiding in my belly.
PS – I must point out that Mr. BB/Daddy-to-Be is also getting to partake in the fun, as he was kicked in the head this past Wedneday evening three times in a row.  Memories.

I seriously wish that they would let me come to the doctor’s every week.  Either that, or at the very least allow me to install an ultrasound machine in my home (along with the ultrasound technician to help me with it).  I LOVE going to the doctor.  I said it.  It’s a statement I never thought I would make, that I am confident few people make, and admittedly, I certainly have never felt this way before.  But now that I am with baby, I look forward to the chance to get even the littlest insight into how HE OR SHE is progressing.
So yesterday marked one of our monthly appointments, and specifically, THE appointment we had been waiting for – our BIG, 20 week ultrasound.  And the experience did not disapoint.  We had the opportunity to spend approximately 45 minutes watching precious Baby B. on the big screen. 
Best moments EVER. 

So yes, as you can see … we had ten fingers & ten toes.  Along with an incredibly cute face, if I do say so myself.  (Yes, I can see it perfectly.)  And just as exciting, our ultrasound technician was able to detect the GENDER of Baby Bricker … which will be revealed in only 3 days.
Not that I’m counting.