And the swelling has, too.  I clearly remember (about 3 months ago) claiming that I could not wait for the start of summer.  Thoughts of maxi dresses, tank tops & shorts, and pretty much anything other than the jeans that were making me feel like a sausage were dancing around in my pregnancy brain.
Well … today’s high was recorded at 92 degrees, and I definitely felt it.   Anyone who knows me would agree that I am normally cold-natured, even in the heat of summer in Virginia Beach … but the summer of 2012 is certainly out of the ordinary.  I am now finding myself constantly hot and with a desire to be in the least clothing possible, and a hunch tells me that is has something to do with the little girl growing inside of me (my pregnancy app. tells me that she is almost 6 pounds now … ). 
So although my walk this morning ended with rather swollen fingers and toes, my newfound freedom of summer allowed me to beat the heat with a relaxing afternoon at my grandparent’s pool … followed by a date at the nail salon for a manicure & pedicure on those same swollen extremities. 
Just what I needed for my summer day. :)

It has been TOO long since I have updated … I fully admit, but with the official END OF SCHOOL finally arriving last Friday, life has been busy. Each and every end of the school year is obviously welcomed (to say the least) and fully celebrated, but this year is definitely extra special. With my substitute plans completely done (and labeled, color-coded, and divided by day) …

It meant that my walk out the doors of Ocean Lakes High School on Friday was my last for quite a while; specifically, until at least October.   And that is a good feeling, indeed. 
Other happy feelings during Week 35?  Definitely at the forefront:  the fact that my daughter could be here in 5 weeks.  And that feels unbelievable & wonderful all at the same time.  My favorite times of the day are when I feel her kicking, moving, and turning in my tummy.  And my bump, while certainly big and getting bigger by the day … has become an integral part of my style that I have certainly embraced.  
Of course, as any pregnant women would concur, with the highs come the not-so-pleasant side effects of pregnancy.  For me lately, these include heartburn, restless leg syndrome, and a pain in my feet that seems to arrive daily.  But if that’s the worst it gets, I can certainly handle it … and more importantly, whatever else comes my way because IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT when we see Little Miss B. very soon. 🙂

I realize that it sounds completely crazy for someone to be happy at a hospital … especially when that someone is me, a girl who hates needles, blood, and pretty much anything to do with the medical field.
But these days, as previously posted, my thoughts/hobbies/priorities are certainly evolving … and  my desires to visit the doctor are no exception.  I have found myself actually looking forward to my doctor’s appointments, at the direct result of an opportunity to get a glimpse at our little bean and also an update on her progress.  And lately, Mr. BB & I are actually voluntarily visiting the hospital (in which we will deliver!) each Thursday night to attend a birth class.
Last night’s class was one we were both extra excited for – as it was the night we got our of the birthing center at the hospital.    THE hospital that we will welcome our little girl at in less than two months.  It definitely made it feel more real, especially when we saw two newborn babies who had come into the world just minutes before in the nursery.
Even though there are lots of “to-do’s” to check off my list before the REAL trip to the hospital will take place, it is safe to safe that I will definitely be happy to be at a hospital that day.

Truthfully, I would have gone to see this movie whether or not I was one week shy of being 8 months pregnant.  In fact, I would have even considered it to be “theatre-worthy,” rather than just as a renter.  But just as the movie “Bridesmaids” was released last year during my wild bachelorette weekend, “What to Expect While You Were Expecting” debuted with perfect timing in my own life and thus –  Mr. BB & I spent our rainy Sunday afternoon peering into a glimpse of our own current reality.
Prior to being with-child, it really is hard to imagine what it is like.  And not that I know from firsthand experience, but most moms recount that no two pregnancies are very much alike.  But nevertheless, for a girl who has recently encountered symptoms that she had previously not even thought about … it is comforting to see that other women are going through/have fairly similar stories.  (Such as – the feeling of ALWAYS being hot, so hot that you really would be ok walking around naked, belly & all … waves and waves of new hormones that cause your emotions to be up & down with no predictions in between … and the sad reality of peeing on yourself because it is just something that you can no longer control).
So yes, I enjoyed the movie.  And if only I could look like Cameron Diaz for the remaining 2 months of this pregnancy … I would be even more content. 

There are MANY aspects of pregnancy that I was not even close to being aware of until the past 7 months.  I admit that I could have listened more intently in my Health/Sex Education classes during school,  but probably had other important things on my mind … such as the cute boy sitting across the room or the prominent thought of what I was going to wear to school the next day.  
(I should teach my daughter to be better than I was.) 
Nevertheless, I am the first of my close friends to be “with-child,” and so I am the guinea pig of the group.  And they are definitely lucky, because I like to write and could definitely write a full-detailed book on some of the new life experiences I have recently faced.  One of those being my recent glucose test to determine whether I had contracted gestational diabetes since becoming pregnant.
As you might have guessed, although I was fully aware of diabetes, I didn’t even know women in pregnancy were more prone to it or that I had to be tested for it before my 28th week.  Furthermore, I certainly didn’t expect to (yet again) be poked and prodded with a needle, to be asked to drink a highly sugary drink in less than five minutes, and (TO TOP IT OFF!) – not eat eight hours before or the hour you sat there after.
But … it’s all for my little girl.  And so, just as the previous tasks that I have been subjected to since finding out the big news in November, I (obviously) had my husband come along for moral and emotional support – and headed to Virginia Beach General Hospital with a smile on my face.
The bad news?  The hour was pretty brutal.  An empty stomache BEFORE pregnancy was not ideal for me, and DURING pregnancy – pretty much unbearable.  And since I lost my sweet tooth with the arrival of a baby in my belly, a sugary drink + no food = NOT FUN!
But the good news?  Mr. BB took me to Beach Bagel immediatly afterwards for one of my recent favorite snacks, a yummy, toasty, egg & cheese bagel. 
And the BEST news?  My doctor called two days later to inform me that I PASSED and will not be subjected to the three hour test.  CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?