Our baby girl is quickly growing and hitting milestone after milestone …
And although this certain one is definitely welcomed by all members of our household (including Bogger), I can’t help but want her to slow all this progression down and stay my newborn forever.  As I hear approximately 10 times a day … they “grow so quickly.”

Waverly Maye has slept in a 7 hour stretch for the past three nights in a row.  Huge step?  Absolutely.  While I adore her precious face and miss it dearly even at night when she is sleeping across the room, I appreciate a little of the extra shut-eye I have found the past few nights.  It is amazing how rejuvenated I can now feel after five hours of sleep, especially since that amount would previously cause me to have a rough day. I am so proud of my big girl, and although I know not to get excited too quickly … as tonight could be a two hour stretch instead … I wouldn’t care.  It is all worth it for my baby girl.

My sleeping beauty.
(During the day, of course.  No, those aren’t her PJs).


Just like during my pregnancy, the amount of visits to the doctor have substantially increased with the birth of our Waverly Maye.  Last week, my husband and I made our way to our pediatrician’s office for Waverly ‘s third appointment (even though it was our fifth time there, when including the visit on the car fiasco day and the initial interview we had with them).  
Similar to our first two appointments, Waverly had to be undressed to her diaper when we first got there in order to weigh her.  However, this time, that weight certainly had changed.  Our baby girl now weighs 9 lbs. & 8 ounces … A whole 2 pounds more than when she was born.  The doctor was more than happy with her weight gain and although she still is at only 21 inches (no surprise) and has a tiny peanut head (love it!), her chunky cheeks & tummy put her in the 70% percentile for weight.
Our pediatrician was also impressed with Waverly’s alertness and obvious social smiles. Overall, our baby girl had a successful appointment and we don’t have to return for another month. The only downside?  For one, the shot she had to receive, even though she took it way better than I thought she would (the only reason I know is from what I heard from behind the closed door, as I couldn’t stand to watch my little girl be injected with a needle).  And the other?  When Waverly peed TWICE on the table … even though she clearly thought it was pretty funny, and that made us smile too. 🙂

It seems that days with our Waverly Maye keep getting better and better.  Now that all three of us are starting to figure this whole new way of life out, there seems to be less crying around the Brickner house (mom included … even though it was only a couple of times when our sweet baby girl seemed to be inconsolable).  Waverly is starting to get to know us better, adapt to some sort of a routine, and in general, is more alert and is starting to get a little personality.  And perhaps even more importantly, my husband and I are becoming more confident as parents and in our ability to comfort and soothe our baby girl.
And even though my pediatrician informed me that the first smiles from our newborn are most likely gas, I can’t help but melt everytime Miss Waverly smiles and bats those big blue eyes.  She has been smiling in her sleep practically since she came out of my belly, but for the past week or so, has been giving us those looks wide awake.  My mother-in-law informed me that my husband did the same, so perhaps it is genetic?  Whatever the case, I can’t get enough of it and it brings a smile to my own face each & every time.  Love that Waverly Maye.
Waverly Smiling @ One Month.

Age:  One Month

Height:  20 Inches (Apparently either she shrunk since birth, or more likely, she was such a wiggle worm when they measured her they were off by an inch because at her two week appt., she was down to 19 inches!)

Weight:  8 pounds & 2 ounces

Milestones:  Waverly is becoming more alert by the day!  She can now look straight into your eyes (I love it!) and look at the toys above her swing.  She even smiles multiple times a day now, especially after she eats and is being held!  I know I am biased, but she can hold her head up amazingly well for a newborn. 🙂

Sleep:  We have adjusted into a solid routine at night and I am so proud of how far she has come.  She goes to bed in her bassinet by 8:30 each night and can normally sleep in about 4 hour stretches (which is a long time from where we started at!).  When she wakes up, she doesn’t even cry and just makes her famous little grunting noises from her bassinet.  Either Daddy or I will pick her up, change her diaper, and then I will feed her in the pink recliner in her nursery.   After feeding & burping her, I bring her back to Dad to swaddle her and put her back down to sleep with the sleep sheep playing in the bassinet.

Eating:  Waverly is such a good eater and LOVES to eat as many times as she can.  She has signature moves when hungry that we have already come to know well – shaking her head back & forth and pushing her little head to your chest.  She had no problem learning to breastfeed and is already a pro!  Her favorite time to eat (lots) is at night right before she goes to bed.  Even though breastfeeding is definitely time-consuming and an adjustment, I love that time that we share together.

Favorite Moments:  There have already too many to list.  Waverly has been LOTS of places for being a newborn.  We try to get out of the house at least once a day and although she still doesn’t like her car seat, as soon as we start driving she generally quiets down and enjoys our trips out (especially to the mall!).  I love to see her beautiful blue eyes wide awake in the morning and at night right before I feed her.  Without a doubt, her favorite time of the day is bath time and I can’t get enough of watching her Daddy bathe her and how happy she is.

Worst Moments:  The worst moment would definitely be Mommy’s fault and has nothing to do with anything cause by Miss Waverly.  As previously blogged, I (stupidly) locked my baby girl in the car.  Thankfully, we were able to get her out within minutes and cuddled our baby girl all afternoon.

Extra Comments:   Waverly’s debut has certainly changed our world completely, and we wouldn’t change it for anything.  It is harder than I expected it would be, but also definitely the best thing I have ever done.  I can’t stop looking at her and how perfect she is, and am so appreciative of her coming into our lives.  I truly can’t imagine life without her.

Throughout my entire pregnancy and since I had Waverly, I can’t even begin to count the number of times that I have been told to “cherish each moment because they grow every day.”  And although it is hard for me to tell when gazing at my little beauty (which I do many hours of each day), I am certain that Waverly Maye is growing rather quickly just as I was told … and it isn’t only because the scale indicated it at our two week appointment.
I admittedly have spent any free time I have had over the past few weeks reading just about any newborn information I can get my hands on.  Whether it is baby blogs, message boards, or one of the several infant books I purchased at Barnes & Noble, I can’t seem to get enough advice on what is going on with my baby girl.  So although I certainly hadn’t heard of the “three week growth spurt” before giving birth to Waverly, all signs seem to point to this milestone over the past couple of days.   
Our baby girl has always been a good eater – such a good one that I truly can’t think of a time when she has turned her head to the breast.  But since the end of last week, she has pretty much wanted to live on it.  It seems as though just as I finish feeding, burping, and changing Miss Waverly Maye, she is ready to head back to my chest.  I seriously have started to feel like a dairy farm, one that is constantly open for business and will service ANYWHERE, including the parking lot at TJ Maxx or the backyard of a friend’s housewarming party. 
But I shouldn’t complain, as I do realize that this is the kind of problem that you want to have.  I would rather her treat my breasts as a all-you-can-eat buffet than not want to eat at all.  And I must admit that the feeling of her really needing me (sorry honey, but more than anyone else, at least right now) is a really good one.
Waverly Maye @ 3 Weeks In a Short Break Between Feedings …
Her cheeks her getting full. 🙂