Our baby girl just turned three months, and we certainly celebrated her special day as we have every other Thursday since the one she was born. And since that July evening that she was born (and finally made her fashionable debut) … Waverly has adorned a variety of looks that any baby girl would clamor for. Of course, it is her precious face that makes any outfit a standout, but here are a few of our favorite looks (she agreed that these were some of the best, I could just tell … )

Waverly’s First Pair of (Skinny) Jeans – a monumental moment. Entire outfit, headband included, is from Carters. The onsie is special because of the striped long-sleeve attached underneath.

Waverly has worn a lot of leopard in her short three months of life, and this is one of my favorite leopard outfits. This entire outfit is also from Carters, including the bow on the headband. The Carters store where we live is an outlet and there are ALWAYS discounts … I don’t think we have ever bought anything full price. You can also always search online for a 20% off coupon.

Another outfit from Carters and another animal print. I can’t help it! I think the socks make this outfit, and they are made by MudPie, which can be found online.

Although she doesn’t fit in most of them yet, Waverly has a lot of gowns with matching hats. This one is classic with a twist! It was purchased from Zulily.com.

Another Zulily purchase! I love the ribbon edges, they are the perfect feminine touch and make the outfit feel extra special. It was a little big on her, so she will be able to wear this one for a while.

This dress was actually purchased the day after I found out that we were having a girl! I thought it was such a fashionable choice for our baby girl to-be. It is from Babies’R’Us (their expensive line), but we scored it on sale … which they have a lot of.

I had to choose an outfit with a tutu! This bee outfit was a gift – and is just too cute! The pants are attached to the tutu, making it wearable and comfortable for baby!

It is officially the fall season, and although it hasn’t felt like it everyday … this day had that fall chill in the air (that I love!). Each fall, I clamor over boots & jeans, tights, and, a current favorite, a leather crop jacket. And while I do watch the weather each morning, I admit to dressing more for fashion than the projected temperature. But one the many lessons I have learned as a new mom is to always bundle that baby up, since her little 11 pound body gets colder faster than mine does. So we had to prepare Waverly for bracing the cold with a array of fashionable jackets, and that we did.
On this day, we attended Waverly’s cousin Abbey’s soccer game (congrats Abs!). Waverly wore a jacket and boots purchased from Zulily, a pair of jeans from Marshalls, and a long-sleeve onsie from Babies’r’Us. The matching hat was too big, so she wore another one we happened to have on hand … Also from Zulily.


It’s safe to say that since married life began a little over a year ago, our social scene hasn’t been quite the same as it once was. It’s not that we have lost touch with our friends, as I have mentioned before that I can get “cabin fever” rather quickly and therefore have to keep busy and get out of the house.  But it has definitely been different.  Where we once spent our weekend nights lined up ordering drinks at a local bar, we began having dinners at friends or meeting for happy hour.  And now, since welcoming Waverly Maye, we have spent less time doing much of anything else besides showering our attention on her.  It’s hard not to, as time away from that little face seems like the last thing we want to do.  She has really become our world. 
And tonight, this new world of ours seemed to involve Walmart, light bulbs, and Cracker Barrel.  With a busy week ahead for this working mom, I needed to get my errands done while I could.  (Errands aren’t so bad when they are with your hubby & little girl).  And after, Cracker Barrel seemed like a kid-friendly option for Miss Waverly … who was getting a little fussy as it was past her bedtime.  Our new life – can’t help but love it.  🙂
My little family!

Waverly is wearing a shirt and leggings from Carters.  Her headband is from Target and her boots are from Zulily.

Picking up our lighbulbs on a Saturday night.  Funny how things change …

Although I am hesitant to admit this, Halloween has never ranked in one of my favorite holidays throughout the year. While I certainly love a festive gathering, and pretty much any excuse to celebrate, I have never been one of those people who count down the days to the end of October. I assume my aversion to the Halloween holiday could be due to my extreme fashion obsession, as I would rather wear a cute outfit from Forever 21 than dress up as Dorothy or a sexy bumblebee (although I have been known to have a few creative costumes in my 28 years … ).
However, after becoming a mom to my sweet Waverly Maye, my feelings towards October 31st have quickly changed. This year, I couldn’t wait to take my sweet girl to the pumpkin patch, to carve a pumpkin that represented her, and to dress her up in what would be the first costume of many to come (I am pretty sure I have been dreaming about it since the second trimester of my pregnancy). And although she won’t remember this first official holiday since she was born, I am obviously fully it so she can look back and see exactly all it entailed.
Waverly’s First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch (Previously Posted).
Waverly’s Outfit to Carve Pumpkins for the first time!!  Onsie, leggings, and hat are Carters;  Socks are Mudpie!
A “W” for Waverly Maye!
Waverly’s First Halloween Costume:  A Candy Corn!  Waverly’s grandmother, Bella, made it for her.  The yarn for the entire outfit & hat were purchased at Micheal’s for under $10.00.  I added a white long-sleeve onsie from Carters. a white pair of tights from Target, and of course, created a bow with ribbon.

Mommy & Her Candy Corn!

Waverly’s Diaper Cover is from Mudpie – purchased at a cosignment shop in Virginia Beach.

With each passing day,Waverly is hitting new milestones and surprising & delighting us with how much she is progressing.  There are certainly quite a few of these progressions that I could write about, yet this major development is one of my own.  
It’s safe to say that I was pretty much ecstatic about the news that we were going to welcome a baby in 9 months after peeing on a stick last November.  The fact that my husband and I were creating a new life together and how much it was going to affect our own was all I could think about from that period on.  But other than being overjoyed for the miracle we were waiting for, I am probably no different from a lot of women in that I was really excited for the opportunity to indulge in some foods I previously hadn’t been, and also for a slight break in my daily workout sessions.  In fact, I was so enthusiastic about the temporary break from my healthy lifestyle that I am pretty sure I went though the Wendy’s drive-thru for the chicken sandwich combo the day after my pregnancy was confirmed by the blood test.  I most likely over indulged for my entire first trimester.  I gained pretty much half the weight I would gain the entire pregnancy in the first two months, while the suggested amount is merely 1-3 pounds.  My weight gain eventually leveled off after I realized that eating for two didn’t really mean Taco Bell burritos, Burger King fries, and marathon eating sessions throughout the day.  
So although I caught myself before I ended up in the same position as Jessica Simpson (I had to do it … ), I still had some weight to lose and certainly did not walk out of the hospital in my pre-pregnancy jeans.  And although I am not yet at my goal, (or most pairs of those pre-pregnancy jeans!) I am getting closer … As my sister welcomed me back to the club when I got back to the 120’s and a pair of Size 3 pants this week.  
What have I been doing?  It turns out there really is no magic formula – as I am back to that same
 lifestyle of healthy eating & exercising like before.  Specifically, I am trying
 to keep my metabolism up by eating every three hours, staying away from carbs at night, trying to keep within 1300 calories a day, and attempting (another blog post to come) to workout for at least thirty minutes four days a week. And the breastfeeding (the closest thing to a magic formula) certainly doesn’t hurt either.

It feels good to (almost) be back.