As soon as I saw the two red lines and officially knew I was pregnant, I was dreaming about the wardrobe I would create for my baby-to-be. Obviously, deep down inside, I hoped for a little girl that I could adorn in tutus, headbands, and mini-me outfits of the hottest trends & styles. Lucky for me, that dream came true and I was blessed with our miracle, Waverly Maye, this past July.
It took months of debate, research, and conversation before deciding on Waverly’s name, and although it was not quite as monumental of a decision … there was much consideration as to her first outfit as well. Apparently I was confused by movies and previous trips to the nursery at the hospital, because I wasn’t aware that I could dress my baby girl in the outfit of her choice until late in my pregnancy. But once I did, I had to find just the perfect one. Waverly was to make her intitial debut in this look, so it definitely had to be just right.
My Mom (Waverly’s Li-Li), discovered Zulily – a fashionista’s dream. It is a website with daily deals on clothing, accesories, and home goods. Waverly’s first outfit, a bright colored, floral-print gown with a matching hat, was one of the deals that we scored on the website.

After giving birth to Waverly Maye, our hospital stay was quite enjoyable (seriously, we had a “celebration dinner for two,” my own personal waitress, and obviously a 24 hour nursing staff & lactation consultant.) But when it came time to leave, we were more than prepared with the required car seat, Petunia Picklebottom diaper bag, and Waverly’s all-important take-home outfit.
More on the baby equipment and my essentials later, as the importance of today’s blog lies with the first outfit that Waverly wore outside of the confines of the Princess Anne Hospital, the one that she first arrived at her new home in, and lastly, the outfit that she debuted in the millions of pictures that we took that day.
The take-home outfit is most likely one that many parents put much thought and consideration into, as I had heard about it pre-pregnancy and there were more than several posts about it on my “July 2012” baby message board. So as a style-obsessed mommy-to-be, I wanted it to be the PEFECT choice for such an important event in my little girl’s life. It needed to be feminine, timeless, and of course, fashion-forward without being over-the-top.
Waverly’s take-home outfit was given to me at my first baby shower by my mom. It was bought online, and the pink flower on the gown is detachable with velcro. We had a leopard blanket to match, but didn’t need it in the July heat.



Before becoming a mommy-to-be, I certainly didn’t understand the importance of “baby gear.” And by “baby gear,” I am referring to the incredible, vast amount of baby equipment that must come with that six – ten pound bundle of joy. In our case, we probably went overboard, as our home has so many baby items it could probably be mistaken for a small (stylish) daycare. But to my point, there is no baby gear more critical than the stroller.
Just as a pair of shoes can either make or break an outfit, the stroller is the ultimate accesory for both baby and mom. It is seen often, usually even before that precious baby, and therefore makes a statement of style. Prior to pregnancy, I would gaze at other women’s purses or sunglasses. Afterwards, I checked out strollers.
My stroller could not make me happier. (we are still working on creating that sense of happiness for our sweet Waverly). It is easy to use, comes with three separate attachments, and is exactly my style. It is trendy without being over the top, classy yet with a twist, and feminine with a touch of an edge. It’s greatness comes with a price higher than most at Babies’R’Us, but the quality makes it worth it.

I have every intention on blogging about Waverly’s many outfits that she adorned during her first couple months of life, but today had to share details on the precious accessories she wore during her ninth week since birth. As a woman in my 20s, I understand the importance of an accesory. The perfect bracelet or statement necklace can certainly make an outfit stand out. Unfortunately, my belief on this has led me to purchase enough accessories to cover a large armoire, several jewelry boxes/holders, and a few drawers.
My daughter’s wardrobe is already no different, as at two months old, her accesory collection already dwarfs mine (pictures to follow … ). Many of her hats, headbands, bows, bloomers, esc. do not fit her newborn body yet, but luckily, yesterday we were able to pull some rather adorable legwarmers up those sweet little legs. And they transformed a classic, grey onsie into a stand-out baby outfit.
The legwarmers she wore are sized 0-3 months and were given to me at my baby shower. There are a wide variety of legwarmers sized baby-toddler available online. My recommendation is to wear printed legwarmers with a plain onsie in order to minimize any distractions from the star of the outfit (other than the baby!).
*Waverly is also wearing a her first raincoat, purchased at H&M.

To say I love shoes would be an understatement. I have created quite the collection of my own, and and have them neatly displayed in the walk-in closet I have taken over in our master bedroom. Additionally, I must admit that I am a DSW PREMIER rewards member (the highest status that can be achieved at DSW), as a result of my slight shoe obsession.
Therefore, it is not surprising that my daughter has a few pairs of shoes of her own. In fact, as I suspect other fashion-loving moms have done, I purchased more than several prior to her July birthdate. However, just like many other lessons I learned through experience since that July date … I quickly found out that newborns & shoes don’t really mix.
My baby fashion tip of the day? Save your dollars for shoes to fit your darling a little later on. In the meantime, socks are your best friend. Carters, Target, TJ Maxx, and Old Navy have some great finds, in all different colors, styles, and even ones that look like actual shoes. That is the way to go those first couple of months. Those little toes will appreciate it.

These were purchased at a childens consignment store, but are Mudpie and can be found online.