We look forward to taking our girls to the farm to pick strawberries every spring, it’s by far one of our favorite traditions and this year we got to bring along sweet little Remie Rue!  It was so funny, she loved it sooooooo much, it was probably one of her favorite activities of her eight months of life so far.  We really let her get into it, she was crawling around, squeezing the strawberries + completely covered in juice by the end of our time there, but – WORTH IT.  I could look at these pictures of her forever.

Waverly always gets excited to go, she loves strawberries and is my child who is very competitive and takes things like this very seriously.  Avalon could really care less, and honestly was just in it for the giant lollipop she got afterwards, but ended up picking more strawberries than last year — and was also super into helping Remerie pick hers as well.  I know I saw this all the time, but these are EXACTLY the kinds of memories I want my kids to look back on from their childhood.  It’s not always easy to make work, especially now with a baby and busy big girls and just all the craziness of life, but it’s so important to me!  Also yummy strawberries afterwards are an added bonus.

Our strawberry picking adventure from last year is linked here, you know I love a good comparison post!!  Happy LONG weekend! XO

Remie Rue turned eight months last Friday, Waverly was so excited to sing happy birthday to her when she woke up + gave her the biggest hug before whispering “I love you so much” in her ear.  Not sure how we ever lived without her!

I just read her seven month update and honestly, not much as changed.  She is still the exact same size (wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes), has the sweetest smile ever, is constantly sucking on her two fingers, and is a WILD WOMAN.  Seriously, for such a little thing she is so incredibly destructive but so very cute that you cannot help but laugh about it.  She is mobile, full-blown crawling + can pull herself up on anything (and loves to!).  We just installed the baby gate + are baby-proofing everywhere, nothing is safe and she definitely prefers going to find anything but her actual toys, and lately has been loving pulling her big sisters hair and trying to eat their school projects.;)  She is also still loving our nightly springtime walks, baths, and dances anytime she hears any type of beat.

Eating has been going pretty well, I cannot believe we did not try baby-led weaning with the other girls because I have been loving it this time around!  She is eating avocado, broccoli, toast, pancakes + loves yogurt.  She actually will eat more than Avalon and her favorite time of the day is probably any meal time, but of all three girls, she likes milk the least.  I know I have mentioned this, but she has never been that into breastfeeding at all (I think mostly because she is impatient waiting for the let down and just wants to be on the move!), and for the past few months I have been exclusively pumping + giving her the milk in her bottles.  This has been HARD to keep up with, especially on days I am home + literally do not have the time to pump and feed in between everything else.  Last week I finally made the decision to stop pumping, it was way more work than it was worth — especially since my supply was going down since she wasn’t wanting to breastfeed — and though I am sad to be done earlier that I wanted, I know it was the right decision for us.

I am so excited to have just a few more weeks of school and then the summer off to spend all my days with her (which will lead up until she turns ONE!!!) — also nervous because THREE KIDS AT THE POOL, but soooooo very excited.  I find myself wanting to keep her little but also wondering what she will be like as she gets older and so excited to see, pretty much the same as I always felt with Waverly + Avalon but just even more this time around.  We are just so thankful for her and cannot imagine a life without her.  Happiest EIGHT months Remie Rue, we love you to the moon and so much more than that!

Happy weekend! XO

Happiest Mother’s Day weekend to allll the mamas, grand-mamas, dog mamas, and most especially, to those who find this week difficult — the reality that this day is not always the happiest for all is never lost on me + I send love to those who won’t be able to celebrate with their loved one(s) or are in the season of trying for a baby of their own.

Sunday will be my SEVENTH Mother’s Day.  Seven years of motherhood.  Seven years of nightly wake-ups, of tantrums, of wiping butts, and of chaotic dinners where we are shoving food in our faces in between getting everyone else what they need.  Of big, heavy stresses like who we can trust to watch them when I’m at work  + smaller ones like making sure they will love what’s in their Easter basket.  Seven years of days that seemed like they would never end but at the same time, that have gone by SO FAST.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, but goodness these babies are theeee best and there is not one millisecond I would change anything about the life we have chosen, with them as the biggest part of it.

Yesterday I took off half a day for Avalon’s spring concert at preschool.  Afterwards I took our two little girls into Target, we needed one million + one things and even though Remerie had skipped her nap and was starting to get fussy, I put her in the stroller and gave her a mum-mum and tried to go through the aisles as fast as I could.  Avalon is usually super laid-back and the easiest kid to take anywhere, but of course my luck, this day she was not.  She wasn’t listening, kept wondering away from me, and was definitely not earning that toy from the dollar bin I bribed her with when we walked in.  My patience was quickly running out and just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse,  Remie FLIPPED HERSELF OUT OF THE STROLLER.  She was fine, thankfully (just super upset) — but I was not, and was feeling like the worst mom ever.  I was holding both girls, the stroller, the million + one things, and trying to walk as fast as I could to the check-out line when an older woman came up to me and asked if she could tell me something.  I was positive she was going to tell me I was an unfit mother and should never have more children (little did she know I had another one at home) but instead, she said, “I have been listening to you + the way you talk to your kids and I just have to say how good of a job you are doing.  I always hear parents yelling at their kids and really admire how you are talking to them”.  I seriously could have hugged her.  I think she may have been lying to make me feel better 😉 but in all honesty, it was the best reminder that we are all doing JUST FINE.  As moms we are our hardest critics and it’s so easy to forget that to our babies, we are everything and were chosen to be their mama for a reason, we are just what they need.

And more.

I am paying it forward this Mother’s Day weekend, thanks to the sweetest woman who changed my day 1000% for the better with just a couple of sentences — and sending you love and the reminder that you too, GOT THIS mama. Happiest Mother’s Day, you soooooooo deserve it!!!! XO

This Easter was extra special for us, our first as a family of five + in our new home!  Last year we were in between houses (and not even living together while my husband did renovations), I was pregnant and sleeping on an air mattress with two kids, and I remember getting through by looking ahead to how worth it all the madness would be.  And then I blinked, and there we were, watching our big girls run through our new yard looking for Easter Eggs while holding close our seven-month old Remerie Rue.

Some things to remember about this Easter:

Waverly is starting to question the Easter bunny, which is so funny and also kind of heartbreaking!  The other day we were talking about going to sit on his lap and Waverly said “umm Avalon, it’s just a guy dressed up in a costume”.  Then the night before Easter, she kept asking how it’s even possible for him to go to all the houses and when I told her it was magic, she said that witches were magic + “not real”.  The next morning she 100% seemed to believe though, so here’s to hoping I can hold on to that sweetness a little bit longer. 😉

Avalon is at the BEST AGE for this sort of thing, she was the cutest little hunter and was just so excited about every little detail.  She came sprinting in Easter morning soooooo happy, gave me the biggest hug and could not wait to go downstairs.  She is not a morning person at all and is usually grumpy for the first twenty minutes of everyday at least, so it was extra adorable.  She also is such a sweets girl, I will forever remember her sitting on our coffee table eating jelly beans out of her basket for breakfast, living her very best life.

Remerie Rue, her first Easter + all she wanted was yogurt melts.  We put a bag in her basket at the last-minute and her big sisters poured them on the floor for her and she went to town on almost every.single.one!  She is teething and has a runny nose and was fighting a nap all day long, but still manages to be the sweetest little thing ever.  Also worth noting, I got her precious little pink romper just for Easter in size six months (she is seven months!) and it was HUGE on her, falling off her little shoulders the entire day.  My tiniest tiny girl.

And now, we count down until summer break!!!  Seven + a half more weeks until I am home all summer long with my girls, cannot wait!!  Hope you had the best holiday with your loved ones! XO

Our Remerie Rue is seven months old, still cute as ever + still always sucking on the same two fingers on her left hand. Love her to pieces!!!

*Top Knot C/O Lil Buddah Babes

Our tiniest girl might also be our busiest girl. I am always thinking back to how often I felt her move in my belly — which was soooo much more than her big sisters — and it really is SO TRUE to how she is on the outside.  She is always moving, officially crawling now and can pull herself up all on her own!  She is happiest when she is getting into something, almost always something she shouldn’t, and is alwaysssss keeping me on my toes. 🙂 She’s also so incredibly sweet, her signature wide tight-lipped smile is still one of my favorite things ever and she said her first word this month, mama (!!!), and it still knocks me dead from the cuteness every time I hear it.

Her current favorite thing to do is probably to eat, which is kind of ironic since she also is super unpredictable about most foods.  This honestly has been a struggle, because she isn’t really into milk (or nursing often, she is too impatient and into what is going on around her) — or purees, so we have decided to go the baby-led weaning route with her.  Some foods she likes one day she hates the next, or vice-versa, so we just keep offering as much as possible and filling her up as much as we can!  So far she almost always likes avocado, broccoli, and would eat an entire can of Puffs if we let her.  Some of the time I feel lost on what to give her but know it is just a phase and we will get through it — it also is the best reminder that no matter how many kids you have, you will never, ever have it all figured out.

She is such a great nighttime sleeper, actually all three of our girls are, something we are SO THANKFUL for.  The big girls always get so excited to run her room in the morning to be the first to see her, they jump in her crib every time and start singing to her.  She loves them so much, and is totally in that phase of crying anytime she is with someone she isn’t 100% used to, so it’s always the sweetest to see her calm down when she seems them.  Also this month, TWO TEETH broke through!  So crazy that at our house right now, we have one girl losing them and one girl getting them.  This season of life is the craziest (and so exhausting) but also my forever favorite.

Happy seven months to our dark-haired, blue-eyed little beauty!!!!!!!!!!  We absolutely adore you.

PS — She is still our little lady, in 0-3 month clothes + in the 5th percentile.  Tiny but mighty. 🙂