A fresh new start for a new year, I always feel so motivated + energized for all the things right after the holidays and this time around I am definitely feeling all of that (maybe more than ever before!).  2019 was good to us in so many ways, by far my favorite part was how many beautiful memories we were able to make as a family of five and with our sweet girls. One of the advantages of seven years between Waverly + Remerie is a constant reminder of how fast time goes, it makes it so much easier to not stress so much about the small stuff and to really soak in all the goodness.  We also were able to settle more into our home, complete lots of house projects + have really fallen in love with our neighborhood more than ever.

Like any year, 2019 also brought its challenges.  We are still navigating life with three kids, we have mostly figured out how to balance life with a second grader, preschooler + a baby but of course there are moments that I feel like I am in survival mode.  I have been a mama long enough to know that these challenges will go + will be replaced with new ones 😉 but as we head into a new year, a huge goal for me is to make even more intentional experiences for our babes and traditions for us as a family.  More one on one time when possible + more special moments tailored to their sweet little personalities.  One of my biggest plans for the year is to forgo birthday parties for special trips/experiences that they each get to pick, I am already looking forward to this so much!

Also, I don’t talk about it much on the blog, but am still trying to find the best working mom balance for me.  I looooooove my schedule as a teacher and am so thankful for it, but have struggled with some of the career decisions I have made (which has been the greatest life lesson) + and am hoping the future will bring a new opportunity in the schools.  This is something we have talked about for a while and that I have worked really hard towards, I am working hard to stay hopeful and optimistic!  I want to also continue to pursue my creative passions, in style, design + photography.  I am not really sure how this will look or even if I will do much more until my kids are older, but I do know that this sort of thing brings me joy + something that is all my own, and I am the biggest believer that all mamas deserve that.

All in all, I get another year of life + learning, these sweet girls + their daddy — I am just so thankful for it.

Happiest 2020 to you, hope it brings you all the happiness! XO

Happy New Year’s Eve!  Stopping in for a quick post to recap our Christmas before it’s officially 2020, this was such a sweet holiday for us + I am so sad it’s already over.  The girls are at really good ages for all the magic but in really different ways, it was so much fun to watch!

Waverly was so excited, she was the one who woke up throughout the night Christmas Eve and ended up in our bed before 4am (this is so like me as a kid).  Her biggest wish was an American Girl doll, we got her one that has red hair like her + she has been sleeping with her each night and buckling her in the car ever since.  Also worth noting, she had every single present put away and organized before 9am, also so like me.

Avalon, age 4, probably my favorite age for Christmas!  Still young enough to have her eyes wide open for every little part but old enough to understand, her biggest question was how Santa was going to make it down our chimney with all the logs. 😉 She wanted a drum, but probably her favorite present of the holiday (for the second year in a row) was a toothbrush and Peppa Pig soap.

And little Remerie Rue, no surprise to anyone, she could have cared less about anything she got + only loved the paper.  By Christmas Day she was able to unwrap presents all on her own and it was the most precious.  I still cannot believe we found out about her two Christmas’s ago, she is forever my most favorite gift.

This was our first Christmas without my brother + sister here, both have moved and weren’t able to come back this time around, which was definitely sad for all of us.  Thankful for these three little girls to keep us busy + also so thankful that we will be able to celebrate with them in a couple months when I go to Colorado for my first time! 🙂 Hope your holiday was absolutely perfect, and happiest 2020, from our family to yours!!!!!! XO

This is my third “December to Remember” post (the first two can be found here + here), I always look back on old similar posts before writing new ones and this time I am convinced that all of those photos were taken yesterday.  I cannot believe how much our girls have grown which is soooo bittersweet, but mostly am just so thankful for them + the special traditions we have created during one of our most favorite times of the year.

Some memories from this December!  Starting with probably the girls favorite, our elves.  We added another this year, so now we have a boy + girl and Waverly has not missed a morning of waking up extra early to find where they have moved to.  I am the first to admit that my husband has totally taken this on and is really good at it, our elves have written several letters to the girls (in response to Waverly’s letters to them) and even painted daddy’s toes one night. 😉 Such a good girl dad.

Ohhhh Remerie Rue.  Tiniest destroyer of all the things, our stockings now have to be hung around the hooks rather than down because she thinks it is hilarious to pull at them.  No ornament in the house is safe and our gingerbread house decorating day lasted about five minutes before she was trying to sit on top of the table and eat all the candy.  She is totally forgiven though, she is SO MUCH FUN right now, eyes wide open to all the magic and just beyond precious.

Avalon’s last ever Christmas preschool performance!  This is always one of my favorite parts of the holidays, I remember how special it was to watch Waverly perform the first time when she was four + it is still just as sweet, all these concerts later.  She had so much fun with it and was also super cute with her dance performance, Waverly was her biggest fan in the audience.

Bass Pro Shop Santa, a tradition we started when Waverly was five months old and haven’t missed a trip (Christmas or Easter!) since.  This is always a really long day but in the end so worth it, this year Waverly + Avalon were both SO EXCITED to sit on his lap (for the first time) and Remie Rue followed in their footsteps and was the one in tears.  I will treasure those little Santa photos forever.

And lastly, I will always remember this December as the one Waverly knocked out her two front teeth on the coffee table.  It was scary at first but thankfully all is well that ends well, they were her baby teeth with no permanent damage + she was such a rock star through it all.  We have sang “all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth” 23983 times and she is theeee cutest with her new smile!

Wishing you the MERRIEST Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love from our family to yours. XO

The big girls room is probably my favorite in our home, kids rooms are always the most fun for me to decorate and it also was the shape + charm of this room that sold me on our house when we walked into it three years ago!  It reminds of a dollhouse, with really high sloped ceilings + stairs to walk into it, it also is by far the biggest bedroom of our home since it is the room over the garage.  The perfect space for two sisters to share!

First, a little background on this room.  It was the only space in our house without hardwoods when we bought it, so we had them put in to match the other floors in the house which were being refinished at the same time. There were built-in shelves along the side of the wall of the room, which I LOVED for the charm they brought, but we ended up pulling them out + replacing them because of the quality.  We went with the same drawers we got in our kitchen, white shaker, and had someone install them to fit along the wall.  This is one of my favorite parts of their room, the drawer space is theeeee best, especially with two little girls!  I also love their little school desks, we found them at a garage sale years ago + refinished them, I now need to find one for Remerie’s room because they love to sit in these and color/do school work so much.

For December, I added some festive sheets to their beds, fun reindeer pillows, lights, + a couple little houses along with a little pink tree that no longer has any ornaments left on it because Remie Rue has pulled them down 468 times. 😉  Also we love their big tree we got a few years back and the cutest festive sign from Opal + Olive, our go-to for signs in the girls rooms throughout the year.  I have linked everything still available at the bottom of this post and plan to share some more photos of their built-in shelving and other spaces in their room in the new year, I am still on the hunt for a second rug to put under their beds + the perfect curtains!

ComfortersPillows — Sheets (Similar) — StoolsHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas SignSeagrass DeerBook Ledges — Rose Gold Christmas Tree (Similar)

Books: The Great SpruceThe Reindeer ExpressThe Night Before Christmas

I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that we are less than two weeks before Christmas, this holiday season has FLOWN by + I am so not ready for it to be over.  Both Avalon + Remerie have been battling being sick, so we have been fitting in as much festive fun as we can while also trying to keep it easy for them, it has been sad to see them not feeling well but hoping that means we will get through it and all be healthy for the big day!

Sharing some photos from our trip to the Christmas tree farm today, one of my favorite traditions of the year!!  We took a couple years off from a real tree but now are back + it really is so worth the thousands of pine needles that you will find on the floor, you cannot fake that smell! 🙂  The girls honestly could care less about the tree we pick but they love running around endlessly, Waverly and Avalon played hide + seek and Remerie picked up rocks, all while I took photos.  Their little muddy boots by the end of the trip are my favorite part!

Last year’s trip can be found here + the year before (when Remie was a tiniest little seed in my belly!) can be found here!  Hope you are having the most merry December ever!!!!! XO