Outfit #6

Waverly Maye’s “Chic Countdown to Christmas” continues today with Outfit #6. Since Waverly is into her toys more than ever at the moment, I decided to go extra festive and give her one of our sparkly, gold plastic ornaments.  Of course, she loved it, and wanted to eat it.  And I love that it seems likes she has a definite affection for shiny objects (the silver sequin boots yesterday & gold ornament today) … Just like her mom.  I just know we have a future fashionista on our hands. 
Waverly’s onsie is from Kohls, Leggings from Carter’s, and headband is from Etsy.
The red blanket is Minky and also from Etsy.

For an outing to the mall … we added a black tutu.
Picked it up on sale at Targe

And even though it is not Christmas-related, I must take today’s post as an opportunity to record one of Waverly’s most recent (cutest ever) habits.  It seems that with each passing week, she picks up new little mannerisms, facial expressions, and new favorite ways to spend time during her days.  This week, she has been popping her head up frequently while breastfeeding … Just to lock eyes with me, and then goes right back at it.  Her face seems to say … “So you are my mommy?!!!”  I am slightly obsessed with it, and won’t mind if she continues with it for a while.
(And also rather shocked that she actually voluntarily stopped breastfeeding on her own. She usually would keep at it all day if I would let her.)

Happy December 6th. 

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