Our New Normal

It’s safe to say that since married life began a little over a year ago, our social scene hasn’t been quite the same as it once was. It’s not that we have lost touch with our friends, as I have mentioned before that I can get “cabin fever” rather quickly and therefore have to keep busy and get out of the house.  But it has definitely been different.  Where we once spent our weekend nights lined up ordering drinks at a local bar, we began having dinners at friends or meeting for happy hour.  And now, since welcoming Waverly Maye, we have spent less time doing much of anything else besides showering our attention on her.  It’s hard not to, as time away from that little face seems like the last thing we want to do.  She has really become our world. 
And tonight, this new world of ours seemed to involve Walmart, light bulbs, and Cracker Barrel.  With a busy week ahead for this working mom, I needed to get my errands done while I could.  (Errands aren’t so bad when they are with your hubby & little girl).  And after, Cracker Barrel seemed like a kid-friendly option for Miss Waverly … who was getting a little fussy as it was past her bedtime.  Our new life – can’t help but love it.  🙂
My little family!

Waverly is wearing a shirt and leggings from Carters.  Her headband is from Target and her boots are from Zulily.

Picking up our lighbulbs on a Saturday night.  Funny how things change …

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