Our Ladies Lately

Once again I blinked and my girls are halfway through another year, we are going to celebrate their half-birthdays this weekend with our annual half of a cake and birthday song!  It’s also been forever since I have done an update on each of them, so it seemed like perfect timing.
Waverly Maye, age five & a half, she was officially halfway to SIX on the 26th. 
 Kindergarten has been both wonderful and an adjustment.  She loves her friends SO MUCH, loves PE, loves lunch, loves getting all dressed up for the day (with all the accessories) and loves learning in general.  Going from three half-days a week in preschool to full-day, everyday kindergarten leaves her pretty tired though, and sometimes the afternoons can be challenging since she has tons of energy saved up and also is just plain exhausted.  We have moved up bedtime a bit and I absolutely love reading stories and cuddling with her at the end of the day, which is also the time that she will really tell me all about what happened in school or about how she is feeling.  Losing our dog at Christmas was really hard on her, maybe even more than anyone in the house.  She still talks about him daily, we’ve written him a “letter in heaven”, and she always just wants to make sure he is doing alright up there.  It shows what a big heart she has, she really loves so hard and feels even harder.  When she comes up with an idea she is going to do it, 110%, which will always be one of my favorite things about her.  She is the girliest of girls, loves jewelry, all things princess, performing, and wants to play “mommy and baby” with Avalon (her very best friend in the whole wide world) at least once a day.  She still reminds me a lot of myself and is forever the one who made me a mama.  Goodness I love her so.

Avalon Elle, age two & a half, her birthday is June 6th so she is officially closer to THREE than two.
Forever as sweet and silly as they come.  She’s really grown into her personality lately, she loves to make anyone laugh and once she knows it’s working, will do it forever.  Her little voice is my FAVORITE, the way she pronounces “Waver-wee” and says “here am I” when she walks into a room, I wish it would stay forever!  We are officially in that independent stage, she is determined to do everything herself, we went through the same thing with Waverly but I am pretty sure it’s at a much higher level this time around since she wants to be JUST LIKE her big sister.  She loves preschool, is a little obsessed with the boys there (so funny!), and always loves to tell us about her “boyfriend” when she gets home.  Her favorite color is currently blue, she loves balls and anything with wheels, and doesn’t go a day without requesting Peppa Pig.  She still has the sweetest demeanor in the world, can make anyone fall in love with her, and is the worst eater in the history of EVER (would literally only eat cookies three meals a day if we let her).  She’s just the best, still looks so much like my husband and reminds me of him too, which is the sweetest thing ever to me.

People always said that once your babies aren’t technically “babies” anymore that it gets way easier, but I’m just going to go ahead and call it like it is (at least at our house), and that’s certainly not the case.  The challenges are way different, but still definitely there, and some days by the time bedtime rolls around goodness I am READY.  The highs and heart-melting joys are still very real though too.  It never fails, just when I feel mom guilt or wonder if we even come close to know what we are doing raising these little people into good humans, they do something amazing and my heart swells with pride and I just can’t even believe that they are ours.  They will always be so much more than worth it.

Dresses c/o Colored Organics

Wishing you the happiest FEBRUARY, one of our favorite months of the year!!!!!! XO  


  1. February 2, 2018 / 2:08 pm

    I love their matching outfits–this picture is super cute!!

  2. February 2, 2018 / 3:18 pm

    Those roller-coaster emotions you speak of are so very real here too, with 2 boys that are no longer babies but challenge us, sometimes even harder, than when they were. Those validating moments make it all worth it, though!

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Our Ladies Lately

We celebrated the girls half birthdays over the weekend, Waverly is halfway to FIVE at the end of this week and Avalon turned eighteen months last month.  We’ve been doing half-birthday cakes since Waverly was six months old, this year she wanted to make the cake entirely herself (and was so proud that she even cracked the eggs on her own!) and Avalon wanted nothing to do with that part, she instead only wanted to eat every little bit.  My husband & I sang to them, four years and counting, Waverly gets crazy shy anytime the birthday song is for her, even when it’s just the four of us.  She clutched onto Avalon the whole time, which is such a perfect indicator of their relationship! 😉
 I thought I would share a little update on the girls lately, they are both at really good ages right now and I’m desperately wishing time could stop and I could bottle them up exactly as they currently are.
Four has been a much more manageable age for Waverly than three was, of course we still have our moments, but overall the sass & drama has calmed way down (insert biggest praise hands here).  To know her is to love her, her personality is as big as her heart and once she gets comfortable with you, she will be your best friend forever.  Right now ballet is her favorite day of the week, she loves to dance, changes tutus at least ten times a day, and lines us all up on the couch to do a performance most nights before bed.  She has approximately 634567 Shopkins and is obsessed with every one of them, along with her baby dolls, she can stay entertained in her room by herself for hours if we let her.  The girls in her class at school mean everything to her, second only to Avalon who she has single-handedly nicknamed “Ava”, she really is the best big sister in the world.  Every night she makes sure Avalon has her bunnies and favorite Elmo books, and if she knows the next day is a school day for her, wants to make sure Avalon has a place to go and will be well-taken care of. 😉  She can drive me literally to crazytown and then seconds later I am reminded of how crazy in love I am with her.  Her personality reminds me a lot of mine, funny how that works.
Sweet baby Avalon.  Not really a baby anymore, but still very much feels like one to us!  She’s matured so much in the last couple of months, probably more than any other time in her entire little life, which I think is a combination of it being the age she is and that she copies everything Waverly does.  She is more obsessed with her than ever before, it’s so funny, anytime she gets a snack or sippy cup, she makes sure to get one for Waverly and then runs over saying “siiiiissy” and handing it to her.  It’s hands down, my favorite!  Some of her other current favorite words are “mine”, “faffles”, “more”, and she loves to repeat all of the names of our family.  She can get shy with new people at first, and clutches onto our legs but quickly comes around, and is currently very much a daddy’s girl.  Her favorite show is Sesame Street, she loves to “read”, plays with balls & trucks, climbs on everything, and is the best cuddler around!!!  We just adore her sweet and sensitive little demeanor so much.
A few photos of the girls together from lately, we have officially decided that Waverly looks like me and Avalon looks like my husband, though I always see similarities in the two of them as well!

Wishing you a very happy Tuesday!


  1. January 24, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Fully agree that four is so rewarding after coming out of the trenches of three. (Three was ROUGH.)
    The ladies are adorable and impeccably dressed, as always, and their relationship is so dang sweet.
    And, yes! Waverly looks so much like you, and Avalon so much like your husband!

  2. January 25, 2017 / 1:47 am

    Your girls definitely remind me of mine because Abigail favors me and Mabel favors Jim…but yet somehow they both look just like me? I don't know how that's possible but it is lol! All of that to say, I think both of your girls look like you too! In their own way.

  3. January 27, 2017 / 6:34 pm

    They are the sweetest!!! Just love them to pieces! Four has been a time awful for us with Charli. The sass & drama are high over here because little miss thinks she KNOWS EVERYTHING. Like literally she tells me every day "mommy, I'm smarter than you"…. ummmm no little lady you arent. haha! And oh my word the shopkins…. good lord! lol!

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