Our Halls are Decked

Now that Christmas will officially be here in less than 48 hours,
I thought I would share the festive touches I have added to Waverly’s nursery for this holiday season.
This certainly isn’t the first year that Christmas has arrived in what feels like days after I put the decorations up.  I’m thinking this year I’m just not going to take them down?  Christmas in July?
Snowflakes (Micheals) are hung by her crib with care.
(The crib she doesn’t sleep in, but we are working on that.)

Lights on her changing table (that she loves to play with) and a festive pink tree (Target.)
Our Elf on the Shelf, Ellie.
Speaking of Ellie, she has been to visit twice since I wrote last.  Here is Day #5.

We’ve come back again for the fifth day,
Yes, we have something else for Waverly Maye.
Today we brought something to go with a gift from before,
Remember the one you got on Day Four?
This swim cap will go with that bathing suit,
Wear it this summer, you will look super cute.
Waverly is wearing a Headband from Etsy & a Onsie from Target.   

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