Our Gingerbread House

As reported yesterday, I have been working hard to keep the blissful, jovial, and overall seasonal mood of this holiday around our house.  It’s not that I haven’t done my best to celebrate the season before, but now that I have a daughter, I just can’t do enough to make sure every moment of her first Christmas is taken advantage of. 
(I will continue to admit that my need for a month of celebrations is a little over the top, especially since she won’t remember any of it … but I just can’t help myself.)
When I was thinking of “merry” activities to partake in during this time of year, making a gingerbread house seemed to be a rather obvious, standard one.   So I headed to Target (where I always go … ) and purchased one of the $9.99 kits in an effort to create another evening of holiday fun.  Once my husband was home from work, we played some holiday music and began working on our creation.  Our final product was a little less than impressive, but nonetheless, we accomplished our task of creating (some sort of) a gingerbread house. 

Don’t judge.  This is a few minutes before our gingerbread house fell for the second time, and a few minutes after it fell the first time (which is why there are missing pieces of bright candy across the top.)  But Waverly loved looking at the bright colors and hanging with us as we decorated our candy creation.

And of course, my daily photo of Waverly’s Chic Countdown to Christmas.  Here is my BEST gift ever, all tied up in her red bow.

Waverly’s hat is from Carters, Black & White Onsie is from Target, and jeans are from Old Navy.

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