One Year Later …

And we have a little lady.  And she is full of laughter.

Today is somewhat of a sentimental day in our house.  It was on this Tuesday, one year ago, that my husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby.  I still remember this start to our journey well.  I had been on a vacation with my parents, and hadn’t been feeling quite right. I just had a feeling (one that made me cautiously excited), so I returned home late that night to take a pregnancy test all on my own.  After seeing the two lines almost immediately, I paced the house while waiting to share the news with my other half.  While we were both overjoyed at this life-altering news, I don’t think either of us really believed it or realized the magnitude of all that was to come.  We weren’t even sure if it was a confirmed pregnancy, if it would be viable, and if so, if the baby would be ultimately healthy for delivery.  And if we were lucky enough for all of the latter to be  true, we didn’t know if we would have a boy or girl or what his or her name would be.
Tonight, exactly one year later, I am holding my healthy, thriving, beautiful baby girl as I write this post.  Waverly Maye has become our entire world.  While it hasn’t been more than 15 weeks since I gave birth to her, I can’t even begin to imagine what life was like before she was born, much less on that night as we both first started to anticipate what our future could hold.
Today, on this sentimental day, Waverly laughed out loud for the first time.  She must have known today was an important day, and wanted to make it that much more special.  Sweet girl.

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