Nine Years of Waverly Maye

Tomorrow our Waverly Maye turns an entire nine years old, as in her very last year in the single digits!  We are celebrating today with a trip to the waterpark with one of her besties + tomorrow she has requested a pedicure and a cookout decorated with all the purple + sparkly things.  Cannot believe my first baby girl is an entire nine years old, it really seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her third birthday with an ice cream party holding a newborn Avalon Elle!  I must truly be in denial the whole thing, I realized yesterday that when I ordered all the party supplies for her birthday, I ordered an 8 candle — I didn’t even notice it when it came in and definitely must want her to stay 8 forever. 😉

Some things about a nine year old Waverly Maye, always SO EASY to write because she is so very unique!  She most definitely got all my type-A traits, she loves a good list, a clean room, and being organized.  So many times the past few months, I have come upstairs to my office and noticed that she took it upon herself to organize the entire thing, love this about her.  If she is going to do something, she is going to do it 110%, she loves a theme day or decorating + creating a present for someone in our family.  This year she became really interested in art (and is really good at it!), she loves to watch videos of how to draw something and follow along.  And just like all the years before, she still LOVES dance, it’s totally her thing and watching her on stage is the best, she is a natural performer and just lights up!   She’s creative + so imaginative — she can spend hours outside riding her scooter or jumping on the trampoline telling stories out loud.

She is the best biggest sister, adores Remie Rue and is such a little mama to her, and even though her + Avalon drive each other crazy a lot, they are the best of friends.  This year she really has grown so much, I am so proud of her and just know whatever she does in life, it’s going to be big!  Some favorite photos of my Waverly Maye from the past year. 🙂

Happy last day of being eight Waverly, let’s celebrate! XO

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