Nashville News: Part One

Our long weekend in Nashville has now come & gone.  It’s bittersweet – a quick dose of reality after a vacation is always painful, yet the return of a routine and our everyday essentials lessens lots of anxiety for this Type-A momma.  Overall, Waverly Maye was a world-class traveler & we had a blast.  She was able to adapt to a time change & a new environment with ease.

And best of all – since it was what I was most nervous about – she handled her first flight like a rock star.

Romper & Shoes

My Dress & Scarf:  H&M
Although I am hardly an expert after one round-trip flight, I definitely learned a few lessons on flying with a baby.  Since I was lucky to have back-up assistance from my mom & sister, I was able to wait until the last minute to board the plane while they saved our seats.  That enabled wild Waverly to get out a little energy since she was going to be strapped to my lap for 2 hours to follow.  A TOTAL crest & something I will definitely do again.
Other lessons I learned through trial & error, (A) bring a birth certificate for baby, (B) sit in the back of the plane with the rest of the nervous mommas & (C) bring a stroller right on to the plane.  I originally sent the stroller with my hubby who was driving on the way there – thinking it would be easier not to have to carry it – and quickly learned it was an essential.  Trying to carry my 10-month old, a diaper bag, an additional carry-on, (and a coffee I quickly had to throw out) may have been entertaining for other travelers, but certainly was no fun for me.
The city of country music was so much fun.  We loved it & spent lots of time exploring our new surroundings at local parks, eateries, and even some authentic country bars.
And of course, you know I couldn’t visit a new spot without a trip to the mall.  As I explained to my husband, you only get to know a place well once you have experienced its shopping.
Even though in reality, I ended up at Forever 21, which I have less than fifteen minutes from my house in VB.  That really is besides the point.  At least Waverly got to experience something new (see below.) 
I totally wish we had this speed racers at our mall.  Clearly she does, too.
And because much like I can’t seem to keep myself from a mall, I also can’t resist dressing in theme for an occasion OR to post a million pictures of my little lady, one last candid from our trip.
For now, anyways.  Part Two to come soon. 🙂
Gap Dress & Old Navy Shoes No Longer Available


  1. June 4, 2013 / 3:13 pm

    The outfit she has on for her flight is just precious! Even the shoes match 🙂

  2. June 5, 2013 / 2:05 pm

    Oh my gosh – her outfit! You do an amazing job of dressing her! I just want to buy all your outfits off of you!! 🙂

  3. June 5, 2013 / 3:31 pm

    Precious pictures!! If I ever have a little girl I'm going to use your blog for outfit inspiration!!

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