My New Bedtime …

I have always considered myself a morning person.  I have never been as talented as my younger sister at sleeping in until one in the afternoon – a skill she has recently perfected as an undergraduate at James Madison University.  And being a high school teacher with an alarm clock that rings at 5:00 AM, I don’t really have the choice to leave my house prior to the daylight, anyways.
But with my ability to wake fresh in the mornings, as you may expect, comes my downfall:  my nights.  Even before my career, I have never been much of a night owl.  And lately, with the new addition of Baby Brickner in my belly, I have found my bedtimes to get earlier, earlier, and earlier.  Sure, I read how extreme fatigue is a sure symptom of pregnancy – but the last few weeks I have FELT it more then ever.  Baby bean & I can be found at approximately 8 PM, pregnancy pillow nestled around us.  And while we used to be able to at least make it through a thirty-minute DVR’d show before being completely in REM sleep mode … those times seem to have passed by now.
Something tells me in July (Baby’s ETA) … my bedtimes aren’t going to get any later.  The only difference:  I most likely won’t be able to stay asleep for long.  

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