My Necessity for Nesting …

As I’m sure any fellow teacher´╗┐ would agree, one of the perks of the job is definitely the amount of vacation time.  Obviously, 2 months of summer is what we look forward to all year long.  And the week at Christmas, spring break, and other various observed holidays are pretty much the highlights of our year.  (Yes, we do it for the future or America, too … ).
Currently, I happen to be leisuring in the long-awaited spring break.  And now that I am officially 6 months, 1 week and 5 days preggers … it was needed more than ever.  While many of my co-workers traveled to Florida, South Carolina, or perhaps even more glamorous of vacations – my destination was right at my front door.  And the plan was to spend the week getting ready for Little Miss Brickner, who we are getting more anxious by the day to meet. 
I have always been one to hate clutter, and constantly strive for an organized and clean house … so when I heard about the term “nesting” even before I was with-child, I was convinced I had experienced it already.  But these last couple of days – I have officially become a “nester.” With the extra time on my hands to devote to preparations for baby, I have not been able to control myself.  I am fairly sure that at this point thus far, I have filled over 10 trash bags of used clothes, decor, make-up, and jewelry alone.
And I have a feeling that this isn’t the end.  I have an excuse – I HAVE to clear room for my baby girl and all that she is going to need.
(Which, by the way, I have learned is quite a lot! … More on my registry experience later. :))

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