My “Dutiful” Daddy-To-Be

So, as previously posted, I traveled on my final flight before baby last week – on my annual field trip with my students to New York City.  Although my 6-month pregnant body was certainly not as energized as it has been in the past, the trip was still a success.  My students were well-behaved (and even offered OFTEN to carry my bag), the weather was uncharacteristically warm, and I was able to find a few perfect purchases for my daughter-to-be.
But the highest point of the trip definitely came on Friday night, upon my return home.  My husband, Mr. BB, had spent his three days with one goal in mind – a “While You Were Out” surprise interior decorating job on our future baby’s nursery.  From the time I left (Wednesday AM) to my return (Friday evening) … he successfully (1) painted all four walls of the room, (2) picked up & assembled the crib, (3) purchased a mattress/bumper for the crib, (4) selected, purchased, and assembled curtains, a curtain rod, and a rather adorable lamp. 
Oh yeah, and he cleaned my car, cleaned the house, and bought me flowers.  I seriously think he is going for “Husband/Dad of the Year.”  And for the record – he gets my vote.


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