My Baby Girl’s Growth Spurt

Throughout my entire pregnancy and since I had Waverly, I can’t even begin to count the number of times that I have been told to “cherish each moment because they grow every day.”  And although it is hard for me to tell when gazing at my little beauty (which I do many hours of each day), I am certain that Waverly Maye is growing rather quickly just as I was told … and it isn’t only because the scale indicated it at our two week appointment.
I admittedly have spent any free time I have had over the past few weeks reading just about any newborn information I can get my hands on.  Whether it is baby blogs, message boards, or one of the several infant books I purchased at Barnes & Noble, I can’t seem to get enough advice on what is going on with my baby girl.  So although I certainly hadn’t heard of the “three week growth spurt” before giving birth to Waverly, all signs seem to point to this milestone over the past couple of days.   
Our baby girl has always been a good eater – such a good one that I truly can’t think of a time when she has turned her head to the breast.  But since the end of last week, she has pretty much wanted to live on it.  It seems as though just as I finish feeding, burping, and changing Miss Waverly Maye, she is ready to head back to my chest.  I seriously have started to feel like a dairy farm, one that is constantly open for business and will service ANYWHERE, including the parking lot at TJ Maxx or the backyard of a friend’s housewarming party. 
But I shouldn’t complain, as I do realize that this is the kind of problem that you want to have.  I would rather her treat my breasts as a all-you-can-eat buffet than not want to eat at all.  And I must admit that the feeling of her really needing me (sorry honey, but more than anyone else, at least right now) is a really good one.
Waverly Maye @ 3 Weeks In a Short Break Between Feedings …
Her cheeks her getting full. 🙂

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