Mrs. BB is Back … x Two.

It’s official.  I am back. Only this time … it’s for a different purpose. 

Mrs. BB is my abbreviated name from my previous identity as a blogger, The Burgundy Bride.  Throughout the 18 months planning my wedding, was a close companion of mine.  In fact, I visited most days of the week and my husband gifted me with a complete printed & bounded copy of my entire blog the morning of my wedding.  I always knew I had a passion for writing, but it wasn’t until I discovered the “blogosphere” (is that a word?) that I understood how cathartic writing everyday could really be.

So it could definitely be said that I have missed my afternoons pouring my heart out into cyberspace.  And in my defense, it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say … because I always do … but had to do more with my “superstitious” nature.  I didn’t want to speak too soon, and also didn’t want to ruin a surprise for any of my family or friends.  (Who doesn’t love a good surprise in life?)

I am now 100% certain that you have picked up on the fact that the secret I have been keeping (and still am) is that I AM PREGNANT.  It’s still crazy to say.  And even though I want to scream it, shout it, and cheer it from the rooftops … I haven’t said it to many special people in my life as of yet.  I am waiting for the perfect time to share our special news, which is why most don’t even know I have returned to my hobby as a blogger. 

Today, however, seemed to be the ideal time to mark the beginning of my new blog, and stage, of life.  This afternoon, we had our first doctor’s appointment and ultrasound.  We were actually able to see our baby’s heartbeat, and as I write, we are still admiring the first official photo of Baby BB. 
Pretty unbelievable & groundbreaking – it only felt right to document it. 🙂

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