Mother’s Day & Move-in Weekend

Over the weekend, we celebrated Mother’s Day and we finally MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE!  I really cannot even put into words how much of a relief it was to finally get to call it home, or even better, to have all four of us under the same roof again.  We had closed on our first house at the beginning of April, and since then, had been living between both our parents houses, while my husband spent most of his time in between working his full-time job doing work on the renovation.  

It was hard.  Since they don’t have kids there anymore, both my parents & in-laws have downsized quite a bit and just didn’t have room for both girls.  We lived out of tote boxes and I would keep one girl with me each night and pack for the other, who would go stay with my husband at his parents.  I hated that so much, the girls missed each other and us, we missed them and each other, and I have never craved routine and normalcy so much in my life.  BUT we made it through, and are forever thankful for our parents putting their life on hold for five weeks to help us and to embrace all the craziness we bring.  I’ve said it so many times, it takes a village and we literally wouldn’t have made it out of this one without ours.
We still have a ton of work to do, we definitely aren’t out of the woods yet but everyday it feels like we are a little bit closer to what we had envisioned for our family at this house.  The floors have been refinished and walls are put back in, as well as electrical work complete, so it’s livable enough that we can stay there while everything else is getting done.  Doing all of this with two kids, pregnant, is no joke, and there have been times that I seriously questioned what the hell we were thinking, but overall I know this is exactly this is exactly what we are supposed to be doing right now and exactly where we are supposed to be.  We took a walk on our street the other night, as a family, looking around at the beautiful area our girls get to grow up in and the only thing I could feel was so, so thankful.

A few pictures of the girls over Mother’s Day weekend, we were moving (or at Lowe’s) during most of it but stopped to attend a fun event in Richmond and also for brunch at one of the places right down the street from our new house!  Three things I always want to remember from this Mother’s Day:  (1) waking up in our new bedroom for the first time ever, next to my husband for the first time in five weeks, with my big belly, (2) the girls running down the hall from their brand new shared room, they had slept on mattresses on the floor but made it through the night without escaping, something I was worried about, and (3) Waverly’s pure excitement and joy to read me all the cards and gifts she had gotten me, including an old red striped pen she had found and wrapped from my mother-in-law’s house and was so proud of.

Girls Outfits

Hope your Mother’s Day was absolutely wonderful, and wishing you the happiest weekend ahead!

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