Mother’s Day For Me! :)

It’s official.  I am one day away from being 3O WEEKS PREGNANT … which in other words, translates into:  In exactly 7 weeks, the baby girl developing in my belly will be fully formed and able to enter the real world.  And then, I will be a real-life mom. 
A mother … someone in this world will have that moniker for ME!
The farther along I get, the more I realize why a full 9 months are a necessary time period for pregnancy (I mean, other than the obvious reasons for baby.)  It takes at least that amount of time to completely grasp the fact that an actual human being will result from all of this.  And actually, I don’t even know that (especially for a first-timer!) the realization hits then.  There have been definite enlightening moments … such as when I walk pass her nursery with the crib lined in pastel pink sheets, the sight of her stroller now placed in the center of my living room, or the constant kicks and jabs that I love to feel now on an hourly basis … but most moments the day, it is such an exhilerating while foreign thought that it’s pretty unbelievable.
So this Sunday marks the first Mother’s Day that I will celebrate with the thought of my own daughter in mind.  Because, really, I already now am a mom … as my daughter just jabbed my right side and reminded me.

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