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We are right upon the season for giving, fa-la-laaaaaa!!!!  This time of year is just the best for so many reasons, and for me, one of those is being able to search + find special gifts for each of my girls and seeing their faces light up when they open them.  But I am also the first to admit that I have struggled with finding the right balance when it comes to gifts.  I really want our kids to see the beauty in Christmas for reasons way beyond presents, including our traditions and family time, and have found that it’s hard to do that when they have so much “stuff”.  I also want them to value + appreciate the gifts they do get, and truly believe that it is so much easier to do that when they have less.  

I was especially feeling this way at the end of last year’s holiday season and vowed to have a better plan heading into Christmas 2019.  So when Kippsy contacted me about a month back I was SO EXCITED to work with them on this, I so strongly believe in their mission + love it so much!  Kippsy is a modern children’s gift registry that believes in providing kids with experiences, such as funds towards trips to the museum or dance classes.  Through their site, parents can also link items kids really need, such as books or school supplies, and there is even an opportunity to collect donations instead of gifts at all.  We are so excited to use this with our families for the girls during the holidays, and I love the idea to incorporate it year-round, for birthdays or other special events during the year.

We got the cutest little box from Kippsy, it had greeting cards that guests could use (straight from their website!) to bring to the party if they would like to.

To set up your own registry, head to the Kippsy site.  You can use the promo code F-6237 to create your registry and will recieve $15 after you accumulate $150 towards cash funds (through experience based gifts or charity donations!).  Enjoy! XO

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