Mastering the Mall with Baby

It has now been two weeks and and two days since the birth of our Waverly Maye, and life is slowly beginning to settle into some sense of normalcy.  Our “new normal” is certainly different from our previous one, but in only this short amount of time, I can’t imagine it any other way. 
At Waverly’s two week doctor’s appointment, our pediatrician was more than happy with her progess and more specifically, her weight gain.  Our baby girl is now almost eight pounds, and thriving.  She has started to smile, can now sleep in her bassinet, and is really starting to enjoy her bath time with daddy.
And perhaps one of the biggest milestones of the week?  Waverly experienced her first trip to the mall – the first of many, many trips to come.  After two weeks and our adjustment to a new routine, we were able to pack the diaper bag, fasten the car seat, and venture to Lynnhaven Mall with Li-li and Aunt Lexie.  As always (some things never change … ), we started with H & M, and continued to Forever 21 and the MAC Cosmetics counter.  A change in our usual mall day?  Our visit to the upstairs food court was used for Waverly’s feeding time under my floral print cover – a process I am still mastering.  I am certain I will have it 100% down for a return trip soon.


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