Marvel Micropopz

We are so excited to share about our recent experience with Marvel Micropopz, the girls and I attended a event at Kroger celebrating the launch of these a couple weeks back and had the best time!  The Marvel Micropopz are collectible little toys, they have rubber suction at the bottom that makes them stick to almost anything.  My kids LOVE little toys, like to a fault, so these were a huge hit with them and they were even more excited since the characters were superheros (Waverly has been obsessed with superheroes forever, mostly Wonder Woman since she has a W just like her!).

The event also marked the release of the Micropopz app, which enables customers to see which micropopz they have collected and search for others in Kroger.  I love this idea so much, any fun distractions at the grocery store to help me get through my trip are solid gold.  We downloaded the app at the event and were able to walk through the store and find different locations that had micropopz for sale.  The girls also loved getting to color pictures with different superheroes, make shields out of paper plates, and decorate little home little goodies as a souvenir! 

To learn more about the Marvel Micropopz (and to find out more on how to collect all 24!!), you can visit this website.  And happy week ahead, friends! XO

Thank you to Kroger for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own. #sponsored

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