Magical Movements

It really is hard to put into words how amazing the feelings I have been experiencing the last couple of weeks have been.  And no, I am not referring to the emotional high I have been on since finding out that we were expecting our first child, but more specifically, the actual feelings of movement that have been occuring in my lower abdomen.  I never thought I could love such a butterfly/popcorn-popping/swimming sort of sensation (that, by the way, has transformed this week into actual karate kicks that feel much like major muscle spasms), but I do.  So much so that I crave it, and truly get excited with each movement I feel as it indicates the precious little baby-to-be that is currently subsiding in my belly.
PS – I must point out that Mr. BB/Daddy-to-Be is also getting to partake in the fun, as he was kicked in the head this past Wedneday evening three times in a row.  Memories.

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