Love that Heartbeat

As I previously posted, Mr. BB & I are pretty much walking on air after being awarded with our future baby’s first portrait yesterday.  In fact, we were wondering if we showed BACK up at the doctor’s office today, if they would let us go through the experience all over again.  (Do you think that’s a normal request?  It was my husband’s idea … not mine!).
So of course, even though very few people at my school know about the number one thing on my mind these days … I slipped the ultrasound photo into my bag this morning, just so that it would be close to me as I made it though another school day.  And when I did reveal the photo with a confidante/fellow teacher sometime during my second block this morning, she shared an old wives tale that I thought I would share with you …
Although our baby’s first photo is hardly clear & concise (but still precious all the same), at our appointment, one significant point certainly was.  And I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about it … to see a strong, rather fast, heartbeat staring back at Mr. BB and I.  We discussed how intense the heart beat was until the later hours of last night (not that we are used to seeing them!) and predicted that it’s cause was the hyperactivity of my own husband, who had likely passed on that trait to our future child.
When I shared this report with my co-worker, she explained that this was the sign of a … girl to come.  And of course, immediately after I turned to Google to test it’s validity.  Sure enough, the Old Wives Tale exhists, and clearly states that a faster heart beat is connected to a future in pink rather than blue.
Truly, I am more than content with a healthy baby … but it’s all in the fun of guessing.  
I am sure it won’t be the last prediction for one gender or the other. 

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