Looks of Love

With Valentine’s Day only two days away, My Stylish Sweetheart has continued rocking some sweet ensembles.  Even though I think it’s totally ok to wear hearts any day of the year, I have found it completely necassary to adorn her in (an overabundance of) pink, red, and hearts since February 1st. 
Here are some of Waverly Maye’s most recent “Looks of Love” …
My Heart Belongs to Daddy.
(Isn’t that the truth?!  She loves her dad so much that it makes me jealous!)
Waverly’s onsie is from Zulily, leggings from Carters, and BOW from Itty Bitty Bows.
PS – Can you believe I actually fit a bow in those little locks? 
Cupid’s Little Helper. 🙂
Waverly’s onsie is from the Gap Outlet, leggings are from H&M, and headband is from Etsy. 
My Valentine!
Waverly’s onsie & hat are from Zulily, leggings & socks are from Old Navy.
A heart on that booty?  Not much cuter.
Wavery’s entire outfit is from Zulily, and headband is from Little Hip Squeaks.

In other “heart” news … even though Waverly Maye is a little young to partake in too many Valentine’s Day activities this year, I just can’t let the holiday go by without a little festive fun.  So I spent my Saturday with “Cupid’s Little Helper.”  We dressed in theme (obviously), ate lunch off a love day plate, and made our loved ones some Cupid’s Crunch.  How sweet. 🙂  

Cupid’s Crunch Recipe
YAY for two days until a reason to celebrate.  A holiday just for Hallmark?  I think not.

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