Life Lately.

Not sure how we got to May already, but it’s here + we are living for all the spring things!  I always love this time of year so much, getting to get outside again after a long winter of parenting (mostly) indoors is always much welcomed.  Our three big girls are currently very busy with dance, Avalon is doing softball for the first time (+ is loving it), and Delilah June is getting ready to celebrate her very first birthday!!  The days are long but the years are short, it feels more true than ever right now.

Waverly + Avalon love to look at photos on this site during their lunch/recess now, so I figured it was time to jump on and share a few from 2023 so far.  Highlights so far include lots of sister time, finally moving into our master addition, and watching Delilah (the current house favorite) grow so very much! 🙂  So thankful.

This weekend we are celebrating Delilah’s birthday with a strawberry party, we cannot wait!  XO

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